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What Type Of Vaper Are you? Take The Test!

What Type Of Vaper Are you? Take The Test!

Even the fact that vaping fundamentally differs from smoking is unknown to many. Many vapers are allergic to being labelled as e-smokers, although vaping is very different from smoking. But there are also many different types of vapers, significantly more than smokers and smokers.

In the beginning, was the fire

Everyone starts with something at some point and has no plan for anything. Often an experienced smoker for many years, the first electronic cigarette, such as an EK starter set, is ordered at some point because it is supposedly healthier, helps with smoking cessation, and saves money. Once tried, the new child prodigy with the colourfully glowing fire button and the display is proudly shown to friends. The selection of delicious liquids is so gigantic that everyone has to try it; why should one stick to the stinky and simple-minded cigarettes, which are also classified as extremely dangerous? However, a beginner only scratches the surface of this diverse pastime.

Bums aren’t just for smoking

Especially with e-cigarettes, it is probably the appeal of the new and the unknown, how such a modern device feels, that drives some people to suck on your e-vapour. However, there are also constant nuisances, like smoking, which you have to deal with every time outside in front of the club or in the beer garden in the evening. The bum will probably never invest in an e-cigarette, and he can always try the latest liquids with you anyway.

occasional Vaper

Some people vape occasionally but use their devices to do so. A classic pleasure or occasional vaper usually has high-quality equipment, including exquisite liquids, which vary depending on the shape of the day and the occasion.

Hunters and collectors

E-cigarettes have a lot in common with laptops and smartphones; there are constant innovations, and one novelty trumps the other. Ambitious seekers among vapers who always get new hardware and have a huge collection of older devices. The repertoire is proudly draped in a special place; the whole thing could resemble a small museum.

The teacher

It goes one step more extreme; the teacher is similar to the hunter-gatherer but cannot keep his opinion to himself. Steam teachers have a YouTube channel, Facebook account and blog where they put the latest hardware through its paces in extensive reports and compare it with others. Their opinion is often the law and can often be found in forums or public groups.

Everything was better before

The opposite of the eager collector and teacher is the vaper, who clings to old values ​​and downright demonizes everything new. The so-called traditionalist found his favourite liquid years ago, which he would never want to be without, and he has no interest in trying a new one. If the manufacturer of his favourite eJuice goes bankrupt, he buys large quantities of leftovers and bunkers them in his basement for bad times.

The tinkerer

Tuning is by no means only found among car fans – especially in vaping; there is an ever-growing fan base who passionately pimps e-cigarettes. It is not uncommon for the living room of a do-it-yourselfer to look like a small workshop in which the latest winding methods are constantly being tried out. Here is screwed, polished and optimized as much as possible.

The self-mixer

In addition to the hardware, which is often adapted to personal preferences, the proportion of self-mixers who produce e-liquids according to their recipes is also growing. There are tons of ready-to-buy liquids, from tobacco to fruit liquids to menthol and sweets, but none taste perfect. In their opinion, the best liquid cannot be bought ready-made; you have to mix it yourself. That’s why the mixer species puts a lot of time and love into the search for the perfect liquid in every flavour.

cloud chaser

Just walked into a room and can’t see your hand in front of your face? Then a cloud chaser can’t be far away. This genus vapes sub-ohm with a low resistance to get the maximum amount of smoke out of the e-cigarette. Only VG-heavy liquids go into the tank because they produce more clouds.

The artist

Vaping is simple; you pull on the mouthpiece and blow out the tasty mist. This is too stupid for steam artists because of the much larger amount; real tricks and figures can be created with the milky-dense steam, and rings are just one of the basics. Entire championships are now held in this discipline, and the number of participants is constantly growing.

The World Savior

Are there any political innovations for e-cigarettes? You’ll find out from him before you even know it. The world saviour fights for vaping, lectures everyone with a different opinion than himself and engages you in long discussions if you dare to contradict him. You have him to thank because he fights for what he loves because politicians and lobbyists don’t have a free hand.

Which vaping species do you find yourself with?

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