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Vaping & Holidays: Tips for Traveling Abroad

Vaping & Holidays: Tips for Traveling Abroad

Can I take my e-cigarette with me on vacation? Where can I vape abroad, and where can I get new liquid? Can I take my e-cigarette on the plane at all? This question is becoming increasingly important for many vapers as the holiday season approaches. In this article, we give you all the important information that you need to consider when planning your holiday as a vaper:

E-cigarette abroad – what do I have to pack?

First of all – what does everything belong in the suitcase when you go on holiday as a vaper? This question is quickly answered and can be processed with a short checklist.

  • E-cigarette
  • Spare coils, cotton, or pods
  • Liquids
  • Spare batteries
  • Charger and a country-specific adapter for the socket

Above all, the adapter for the socket is particularly important when you travel for a longer time. Of course, you can also use the adapter to charge other electrical devices.

Much more important than this short checklist is the question of what you have to consider as a vaper in the different countries:

Vaping in European countries

As in Germany, the Brussels Tobacco Products Directive (TPD vape) specifications have been applied in the EU since 2016. The guidelines include a ban on liquid bottles that are too large and the labeling of ingredients and warnings. Liquids that you bought in Germany can therefore be taken with you to the EU without hesitation. However, there are a few countries with special rules:

Finland: Importing liquids for private use is not a problem. In Finland, however, there is a strict ban on advertising e-cigarettes. Liquids are taxed at €0.30 per milliliter. In addition, only tobacco-flavored liquids are permitted in Finland.

Norway: In Norway, the sale of liquids containing nicotine is prohibited. Importing for private use – for example, on vacation – is not a problem.

Poland: Importing your liquids is not a problem, but buying them afterward will be expensive. Liquids are taxed in Poland at over 30%

Spain: Vaping is completely legal here but is subject to smoking laws. So pay attention to the signs prohibiting smokers – they also apply to vapers.

Vaping outside Europe

As soon as you leave Europe, you have to get detailed information about the respective country. In the USA, for example, vaping is permitted in principle, although there are sometimes strict youth protection and non-smoker protection laws. In Argentina, on the other hand, there is a strict ban on the sale and import of e-cigarettes, although bringing vaporizers with you for personal use is not a problem.

But what about other non-European countries? This is the situation in the most popular vacation spots for European (based on statistics from Statista):

Turkey: Vaping and entering the country with your liquid and vaporizer is generally permitted here, but selling liquids in Turkey is prohibited.

Brazil: Trading in e-cigarettes & liquids is completely prohibited in Brazil, but importing them for private use is permitted

Russia: Vaping is completely legal here – as is the buying and selling of nicotine liquids and vaporizers. The non-smoker protection laws do not apply to e-cigarettes. Therefore, vaping is allowed in public places and bars or restaurants. But pay attention to any prohibition signs on site.

China: In the country of origin of vaping, trading in e-cigarettes and liquids as well as vaping is completely legal, but non-smoker protection laws apply

Japan: Liquids containing nicotine are strictly forbidden here – even when imported. However, vaping with nicotine-free liquids is completely legal.

Canada: While vaping is legal here, vaping is banned in many public places

Dubai & Qatar: In the Gulf States, not only trading but also importing e-cigarettes is prohibited. Vaporizers and liquids should be left at home.

Singapore: Vaping is completely illegal here and can be fined up to $10,000 or even imprisoned for up to half a year

Thailand: There is also a strict ban on e-cigarettes in Thailand. Tourists have already been arrested here for vaping (source:

Vaping in planes and at security

If you travel by plane, you must observe special guidelines as a vaper. First, both the e-cigarette and the batteries may only be transported in hand luggage (as of 2019). Ideally, it would help if you transported the batteries in storage boxes. There is no upper limit for the number of batteries you can take with you – if you are unsure, it is best to ask your airline.

In principle, it is not a problem to take e-liquids with you through the security check at the airport. Like all other liquids, liquids must also be packed in transparent and resealable plastic bags. The content of each liquid bottle must not exceed the usual limit of 100 ml.

Before takeoff, all liquid should be removed from the e-cigarette, as there is negative pressure in the cabin during the flight. The negative pressure can cause both the vaporizer and the liquid bottles to leak. Also, closes – if present on the device – the airflow control to additionally seal the evaporator.

The vaporizer must not be used on the plane or in the toilet. The sensitive smoke detectors in airplanes react to the slightest smoke (and vapor); in the worst case, the pilot can be forced into an emergency landing by the fire alarm.


Although vaping is not readily available in every country, as a tourist, you can bring your vape kits with you in most cases without any problems. To be on the safe side, you should find out about the legal situation in your holiday country beforehand. Hopefully, we were able to make the start of your holiday a little easier with this article. Rest well!

Please note that the information on the laws in the different countries is based on our research up to the publication of this post.

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