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Vape Enjoy without Regrets with the E-cigarette

Vape Enjoy without Regrets with the E-cigarette

You can certainly remember your first cigarette, the temptation of something new, stepping into a new world, and the feeling of belonging to a certain group. The cigarette soon became a constant companion; you can find your “favorite brand” smoked in the morning, at noon, in the evening, with a beer or “after.”

Over time, however, smoking cigarettes becomes a habit, a mere routine, and there is no taste of freedom and adventure. The clothes, the apartment, and the car smell of tobacco; when you climb the stairs, you have to breathe a little harder, the cigarette packets are getting more expensive, and the X-ray picture worries the doctor. But just stopping is not that easy.

Even supposedly effective means of quitting smoking, such as nicotine chewing gum, nicotine patches, or chewing tobacco, often do not lead to the goal of quitting smoking. Smoking is smoking, not chewing gum. The best cigarette alternative is the e-cigarette, which makes vaping fun.

E-cigarettes – healthy and economical alternative

Vaping with an e-cigarette is very different from smoking a conventional cigarette. So, as a passionate smoker, you can give in to the desire to smoke without all the harmful side effects of cigarette smoking.

With vaping, there are almost no residues, as with cigarettes containing nicotine. There are also several other advantages:

  • There is no nasty smell in the clothes or the apartment that has settled over the years.
  • Stained wallpaper, curtains, and walls are a thing of the past, you can breathe freely again, and visitors are happy to come back.
  • Not only the apartment but also your teeth and fingers are spared from yellow discoloration and stains, which is immensely more attractive.
  • Vaping is possible in many places where smoking is prohibited.
  • A wide range of equipment is suitable for beginners and advanced users.
  • Endless flavors, from American Blend Tobacco to Lemon.

However, for many ex-smokers, the most important advantages of e-cigarettes are the much lower costs, the gradual cessation of nicotine, and the harmless vaping without any health risks, at least if you believe the numerous studies on vaping.

There is no combustion in the e-cigarette; the aromatic liquid is heated and evaporated. In contrast to cigarettes, carcinogenic substances such as tar, benzene, or carbon monoxide are never burned and inhaled here. The substance vaporized, the liquid, is available in infinite flavors, from fruit flavors such as strawberry, banana, and mango to sweets such as cookies and honey or herbs and spices such as peppermint and menthol and also with nicotine for weaning.

The low price of the e-cigarette and liquids is remarkable; a bottle with 10ml costs about 4-5 euros. A beginner should get by with this amount for 2 weeks, which means an enormous saving compared to expensive cigarette packs.

Vaping without nicotine – this is how a successful transition succeeds

Even if you have a great desire to vape and have tried many flavors, the desire for a cigarette often remains. You don’t need to rush anything at the beginning, and you can smoke a cigarette at the same time. It is important to reduce cigarette consumption consistently from three to two daily. Of course, liquids with a low nicotine content can have a supporting effect here, and soon you will only be vaping the e-cigarette with a low nicotine content. Here you have already won, since other harmful substances, according to numerous studies, should no longer be present during vaporization.

A starter set with plenty of accessories is ideal for successfully switching to e-cigarettes and gradually withdrawing from nicotine.

It is important that when vaping, a similar “flash” experience is created by the vaporized nicotine, as with the classic cigarette. Devices that allow a precise temperature setting up to 315 degrees and an adjustable wattage mode are ideal. The higher the set wattage, the greater the vapor development. This makes it easier to quit, especially for passionate smokers.

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