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Trend Stealth Vaping – How to Vape Secretly

Trend Stealth Vaping – How to Vape Secretly

One trend that might even seem slightly silly at first is stealth vaping. This phrase, which may even sound like a video game skill upon first hearing it, describes a learnable skill that, ideally, every vaper should master. This means the ability to vape secretly. There are more reasons than one would want for not wanting to be seen in public with the e-cigarette. Whether to avoid public criticism or to avoid attention or other consequences of vape consumption. In this post, not only do we explain how stealth vaping became a trend and how you can become a stealthy vaper, but we also list all the benefits this skill can bring to you.

What is stealth vaping?

Stealth vaping is very easy to explain. As one might assume, it’s not a term for withdrawing to a place unseen to vape but rather reducing the visibility of the vapor and other factors. The size of the vaping equipment and the flavor of the e-liquid also play a role. It’s about avoiding unpleasant situations. Still, stealth vaping has become a trend, especially in the USA. Depending on the subculture, new techniques are constantly refined to reach for the e-cigarette even more unseen.

Reasons for clandestine vaping

Unfortunately, there is more than one reason a vaper must secretly use an e-cigarette. Even if we always approve of being open to vaping, especially for social reasons, as this often leads to interesting conversations, this is not always possible without further ado. The fact that vaping has become more and more popular in recent years means that every vaper is getting more and more attention.

The public opinion

Of course, one should ideally be completely indifferent to the opinions of others. But one-sided documentaries, television reports, or newspaper or blog articles have repeatedly cast a bad light on vaping in the recent past. Public opinion towards vapers is, therefore, already under attack. Even though vaping is significantly less dangerous than reaching for a conventional cigarette, passers-by may see the conspicuous e-cigarette as a health risk and feel personally attacked. Of course, at this point, the ability to vape stealthily can go a long way in escaping the negative opinions of others.

remain inconspicuous

Especially new vapers who haven’t really dealt with all the advantages yet and still want to hide this topic from family and friends will certainly appreciate the discretion that secret vaping gives them. Generating large vapor clouds is not exactly discreet and can sometimes draw unwanted attention. But even if you’ve owned an e-cigarette for years, there are times when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

Avoiding smoking places

We would also like to know who came up with this. Especially at work, vapers often have to share limited space with normal smokers. Many vapers may have just quit smoking. So being exposed to tobacco smoke again and becoming a passive smoker can quickly lead to a return to old habits, quite apart from the general health risk of passive smoking. To avoid temptation, it often makes sense to smoke outside designated areas. Stealth vaping can be of great help.

To bypass the smoke alarm

Many vapers already know this: Many smoke alarms are not triggered by smoke alone. Vapors or even stronger odors can also trigger a false alarm. Sometimes, therefore, it is necessary to vape secretly not only to avoid the eyes of others but also to hide the vape from machines. If you reduce the amount of vapor, you also reduce the risk of a false alarm if a corresponding detector is nearby.

When Can I Vape?

While we hate to hear it, there are valid reasons against vaping in certain locations. The vapor can be distracting or leave an odor that some people find unpleasant. However, if you can reduce all of these characteristics to the point where neither man nor machine notices the vapor, there is absolutely nothing wrong with vaping. But there are a few exceptions. Most airlines prohibit vaping on planes. Even if you should be able to pull out the e-cigarette unseen, you are taking a very big risk, and violating the regulations could be expensive. E-cigarettes are also often banned in the workplace, regardless of any scientific evidence that this technology makes sense. Of course, if vaping at work puts your job at risk, we don’t recommend it, but stealth vaping can be a good technique to avoid unjustified bans. Finally, there are also public places where vaping is equated with traditional smoking, and the law of each country prohibits both forms of nicotine consumption. Many vapers agree that such regulations are silly, especially when the vapor doesn’t come into contact with other people. Again, you have to weigh the risk you’re willing to take, but the ability to vape stealthily can prove very useful.

How to vape secretly

First, you should optimize your pod kit as much as possible for stealth vaping. Of course, e-cigarettes that are as small as possible without conspicuous colored decoration are optimal. When it comes to e-liquid, you often have to experiment to find a mixture that produces the most inconspicuous vapor possible and is still enjoyable. Now that the setup is optimal, it’s about your technology, which is the be-all and end-all for stealth vaping.

Take a deep breath

One of the best ways to prevent excessive and noticeable vapor build-up is to inhale the vapor deeply. After inhaling, hold your breath for a moment before exhaling the vapor. As a result, the conspicuousness can already be significantly reduced, while the general effect of the e-cigarette is not reduced.

Inhale twice

Also, this method is good for increasing the stealth of vaping. After you have taken a train from the e-cigarette, you have to inhale again with this method. Air and vapor remain in the lungs for a few seconds before exhaling again. You will see that the density of the vapor can be significantly reduced again.

Gulp down steam

After the draw has been inhaled deeply, this technique involves swallowing once. Exhale slowly and through your nose. This effect is easy to explain: more vapor is absorbed by the lungs, while the rest is even better mixed with air and, therefore, less visible.

Blow on the shirt

This technique is already well known among many vapers. Instead of exhaling the vapor normally, the breath is directed down onto the shirt’s fabric. The fabric immediately absorbs a large part of the vapor, making it much less visible. However, practice is required here because if the steam generation is still too great, this method can lead to you ending up with a shirt full of steam, which is anything but inconspicuous.

The right aroma

The flavor of the e-liquid also greatly impacts vaping’s conspicuousness. In principle, natural scents are more advisable here. Recommended smells here are citrus, menthol, and mint or creamy smells. While the first two can usually be easily attributed to other causes and thereby hide the vape, creamy smells have a very subtle scent that should not be particularly noticeable. Above all, tobacco aroma should be avoided, but all sweet scents, such as those of pastries, strawberries, or watermelon, should be avoided. These will immediately draw attention, and the attempt to vape stealthily has failed.

One final warning

Now that you are most likely able to vape very stealthily and not draw extra attention to yourself, you should still be careful. Depending on the location and the existence of regulations and bans, vaping can lead to a fine, loss of a job, or even jail time. So we strongly advise against vaping in prohibited places. Nevertheless, reducing the resulting vapor is a very sensitive technique every vaper should master to avoid unpleasant situations.

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