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TPD2 – Sense Or A Crooked EU Cucumber?

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The EU likes to determine how crooked bananas or cucumbers can be, and it feels like it interferes everywhere. Now they doesn’t stop at e-cigarettes either.

The Directive on the Regulation of Tobacco Products, also known as TPD vape, or TPD2, which many feared, has been in force in the EU since May 2016. Since Germany always takes a little longer to implement new laws, our country was granted a transitional period until May 20th, 2017, by the EU. All existing products that are not TPD2-compliant must be sold by then.

But what is this actually about? The TPD2 Act includes new guidelines for tobacco products that will regulate nicotine levels, ban distribution to under-18s and limit advertising. Therefore, it is not possible to speak of a simple ban.

The TPD2, for example, provides a sensible upper limit of 20 mg of nicotine per milliliter in liquids. Over-the-counter liquids are limited to a capacity of 10 ml and must be labeled with warnings about the risks of nicotine and include an instruction leaflet. In the case of disposable cartridges, there is then an upper limit of 2 ml capacity. In addition, additives such as vitamins, stimulants, or certain colorings may no longer be added to the liquid.

The basic idea is that the purity and safety of the liquids should be increased and guaranteed for the consumer. Liquid bottles must also be equipped with a child-proof cap – hardly anyone will be annoyed about that – and be unbreakable and leak-proof. Advertising in public spaces is restricted similarly to classic tobacco products.

What does all this mean for the adult vaper?

In addition to the restrictions mentioned above, the TPD2 also provides for a ban on sales to young people under 18 since the youth protection law has not yet included e-cigarettes. A general ban on vaping in public spaces will not come from the Tobacco Products Regulation Directive. Ultimately, the state governments and municipalities decide whether they allow vaping, e.g., B. wants to ban it in public buildings or playgrounds.

So not much will change for the simple consumer. The TPD2 does not provide for any restrictions on liquid aromas but allows the individual governments of the member countries to determine this themselves. Increased taxation is not to be expected for the time being. The liquids are, therefore, basically not more expensive. We are curious to see whether the Brussels ladies and gentlemen will not come up with a tax here as well.

In the past few months, there has been a lot of panic around TDP2. Ultimately, however, it contains sensible guidelines that do not restrict consumers significantly but give them more security overall. However, such an intervention by the EU does not remain without consequences for everyone. Small liquid manufacturers have to adapt their production according to the guidelines, which can also have serious economic consequences for some of them. TDP2 could also be seen as the beginning of a wave of regulations that could still show unpleasant sides.

Resist the beginnings? In general, the normal user benefits from the higher requirements for security and quality. What do you all mean? Please leave us a comment with your opinion on this topic.

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