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The Biggest E-cigarette Myths In A Fact Check

The Biggest E-cigarette Myths In A Fact Check

Much is written about e-cigarettes, and even more, is discussed. Is the enjoyable steam inhalation even more harmful than normal cigarettes? Does Liquid contain antifreeze? Do mods explode every day? It is easy to lose your bearings in the jumble of facts, myths, and half-truths. Fear not; here are the five biggest myths about vaping.

E-cigarettes are just the new nicotine patches

With the almost confusingly large selection of different flavors, compositions, and nicotine contents, the question arises as to who can even think e-cigarettes are simply a technological advance to give up smoking. Anyone who throws such claims into the room has probably never stood in a (nicotine-free) cloud of delicious lemon cake and consciously enjoyed the aroma. Despite an incredibly wide range of vapes, accessories, and flavors, the enjoyment factor seems unimaginable for many outsiders. An e-cigarette is by no means just a smoking cessation aid: the large selection of nicotine-free liquids, in particular, inspires vapers who have no experience with cigarettes. Of course, for some smokers, vaping is a help to get rid of the dangers of smoking, but labeling all vapers as previous smokers is not enough.

And then all the toxic liquids

Many beginners or non-vapers initially fear the worst when they see large clouds of vapor coming out of the cheeks of a vape. And then the whole thing smells like fruit or dessert – that can’t be healthy under any circumstances. In addition, rumors keep circulating that untested flavors, antifreeze, and new additives are contained in liquids. In the European Union, in particular, this is practically an impossibility. Manufacturers are only allowed to use food flavorings and approved pharmacologically tested ingredients in Europe. Large clouds of steam do not indicate toxic or life-threatening additives but only the respective composition of tried and tested combinations of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavors, and, depending on taste, nicotine salt.

It starts with vaping

Of course, e-cigarettes come in various variations, shapes, and colors. The selection of flavors, from fruity to refreshing to traditional tobacco flavor, is as diverse as the selection of vapor-producing devices. Every vaper has different preferences, and it is not surprising that the market tries to serve these preferences. However, purchasing e-cigarettes and liquids, like cigarettes and alcohol, is subject to a minimum age. For example, e-cigarettes and accessories are not sold to children and young people under 18 and are not marketed to this target group. Accordingly, there is no statistical evidence of increasing nicotine consumption among young people due to vaping, and only a switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes can be proven. However, if one follows the argumentation of all those who accuse e-cigarettes of wanting to seduce young people, in particular, to enjoy nicotine, sweet or colored alcoholic beverages, for example, should not be offered for sale either. However, the end of the May punch is not yet in sight.

The Mystery of the Exploding Mods

Again and again, terrible news can be read in the newspapers, for example, last week when a man blew his penis off with a battery mod. The outcry is great: Are the high wattage and powerful batteries life-threatening? When used correctly, definitely no. As with all technical devices, it is important that e-cigarettes, be they kits, mods, or vaporizers, have an informative look at the operating instructions. Apart from the fact that it is always helpful to know how technology works, there are also warnings and instructions on how to use it. However, if you use the wrong batteries in your device for some unknown reason, or if you try to open your e-cigarette yourself, it should be clear from the outset that this does not always end well. As a rule, however, all original devices sold in Germany are safe and offer no reason to panic.

This is too expensive

The costs immediately deter some interested parties if you first look at the purchase price of e-cigarettes or starter kits. The price of a high-quality e-cigarette kit is initially higher than a simple pack of cigarettes should be obvious to everyone. However, the costs for such a kit are quickly amortized because, with long-term use, an e-cigarette is significantly cheaper than normal tobacco consumption, so even vapers who value the use of high-quality premium liquids save money.

The EU will Completely ban vaping anyway

This argument, too, is being heard more and more frequently in public debate. For example, since vaping has now been banned in Thailand, voices are repeatedly raised that see the end of vaping in Europe. But don’t panic; last year, the European Commission issued TPD Vape to make vaping as safe as possible. Although the benefits and risks of e-cigarettes are often viewed critically, they are still considered legitimate stimulants in the EU, provided that regulations on quality, production, and age limit are observed.

E-cigarettes and accessories are now a dime a dozen. Accordingly, there is also a lot of concentrated half-knowledge, scaremongering, or untruths that cannot be proven. However, if you take a closer look at vaping, you can rest easy. With original products, a vaper runs neither the risk of blowing off his arm with a battery mod nor of poisoning himself with antifreeze. Therefore, vaping friends can continue to indulge in peace and look forward to the airy clouds of the delicious aroma.

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