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Many Smokers Fear Of Lossing Friends By Vaping

Why do people smoke? Experience has shown that every smoker can name various reasons for enjoying tobacco products. Even if health is not allowed to be mentioned, the main arguments are usually the harmless satisfaction of pleasure, giving in to addiction, and the social aspect. Even if it is primarily the addiction factor that ensures that in today’s society, so many people still smoke and cannot stop smoking, the social effect of this legal drug is also quite interesting. The cigarette gives you regular breaks at work if only to discuss the previous evening’s TV program with colleagues and to get some fresh air. So-called smoker’s corners, which are not only used for smoking itself but also for communication, were already established in the school. Withdraw from the loud party and have a quiet chat: the cigarette has always been a tried and tested means of doing this. Not only did you talk about smoking with friends and acquaintances, but the question of light or a cigarette also gave you a carefree start to the conversation, which could easily lead to new friendships or at least interesting conversations. With all the problems a smoker gets from tobacco, this social effect remains positive. And balancing that social habit is the main difficulty with most replacement therapies designed to help smokers quit. Neither nicotine spray nor chewing gum nor patches offer you the same basis as smoking. The following is about why vaping does not have to cause a slump in the number of your social interactions and, even more, how you can find new friends and have exciting conversations thanks to vaping.

Vaping as a conversation starter

Are you a long-time vaper who frets about the lack of social factors in vaping? Then you probably haven’t been able to use vaping as a conversation starter yet. Of course, vaping hasn’t arrived in many people’s everyday lives yet. Older people, in particular, are likely to be overwhelmed by the sight of the chrome-plated devices, as they are more reminiscent of science fiction films than cigarettes. But it is precisely this fact that makes electronic smoking so interesting and exciting for many people. We’ve often experienced what a good conversation starter vaping can be. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself. Often it is enough to pull out the e-cigarette in public, and an exciting conversation is guaranteed in the right company. Just notice how people look. You might catch a few judgmental looks from people who don’t know anything about vaping or know some myths about it. But some may look curious or be encouraged to prefer their e-cigarette. Whether it’s a chance to meet a like-minded fellow vaper and give you some tips on great flavors or mods or a chance to tell a curious smoker about the many advantages of e-cigarettes over regular smoking and your experiences with the being able to report to the device, the opportunity for a conversation almost always arises, at least if you sometimes take the initiative. In any case, this creates the basis for meeting interesting people and making new friends. Vaping can connect people. And the best part? The fact that you didn’t have to reach for a cigarette for all of this also saves you the unpleasant side effects on health that have been proven to arise from smoking, without any loss in your social life.

Vaping is a growing subculture in modern life

For those who aren’t new to vaping, it quickly becomes apparent that there is much more to smoking e-cigarettes than just a way to quit smoking. Spending a little time with other vapers is enough for that. – This is a gathering of like-minded people who care about stopping supporting the tobacco industry and prefer an alternative, healthier way. In many respects, parallels can be drawn with past cultural movements, in which like-minded people came together and shared the same activities.

The opinion of the public

E-cigarettes are still often smiled at as a hipster accessory or, in comparison to regular cigarettes, viewed as the lesser of two evils. The fact is, however, that hardly anyone who has started with it stops so quickly or can maintain his prejudices. This is a universal experience. The community around the e-cigarette is very inclusive, and everyone is welcome. On the contrary, passionate vapers are still trying to share their passion rather than shutting themselves off, and little by little, you’re noticing a change in public opinion. Vaping is a stimulant with the great advantage that it helps its users to stop smoking with the health risk.

For this reason alone, statements such as e-cigarettes are a gateway drug should be avoided. While every vaper must be aware that vaping will always be unhealthier than not vaping, it does not have the same addictive effects as smoking, nor does it pose a relative health risk or spread among minors. Instead, most underage vapers have previously been smokers, making the switch for their health.

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