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Off Nicotine: What Happens In Your Body

Off Nicotine: What Happens In Your Body

Why do so many smokers switch to so-called vaping, and what are the advantages besides the absence of extremely harmful combustible substances? Nicotine is an important main component of tobacco cigarettes and not only has positive consequences for your body. Unfortunately, it is difficult to completely wean off the usual amount of the drug immediately, as the user’s brain quickly becomes accustomed to the intoxicating substance. It can no longer manage without this on command. At this point, vaping comes to the rescue, the amount of nicotine can be reduced without suddenly stopping completely. We want to inform you about the consequences of high, unregulated nicotine consumption and, at the same time, present you with an attractive alternative.

What does your head say after a cigarette?

After great experiences such as a good meal, success at work or a sexual experience, the neural reward network in the midbrain and forebrain is activated. Therefore, it is natural that we all strive for such experiences and wish for as many as possible. This is where the popular comes into play. After smoking a cigarette, there is an increased release of dopamine in the head. After this, approx. 100-fold increase, your brain’s reward system activates and sends happy and positive emotions in response. The nicotine gets through our bloodstream to the head within a few seconds and takes over the command there. So on bad days, we just take a little bit of this magic stuff, and things get better? Sounds great? Definitely up to here. So what’s the problem? In addition to the numerous side effects that the consumption of tobacco cigarettes brings, after a short time, our brain no longer suffices with the amount of dopamine released by nicotine – it wants more.

The drug in the body

As you already know, the neurotoxin nicotine causes a real riot in our brains. But what happens to the rest of our bodies? After all, there’s more to it than just the brain. Several unsightly side effects can be associated with the substance. With high consumption, the skin is less well supplied with blood and turns grey at an early age; wrinkles can form more quickly because your skin is no longer as elastic. Your heart and blood vessels can also suffer from high, regular nicotine consumption. The risk of a heart attack increases because the blood vessels constrict, as does blood pressure. Menopause can set in faster in women, while erectile dysfunction can occur in male colleagues. A loss of appetite occurs due to the release of insulin, which can occur when ingesting nicotine. For this reason, tobacco cigarettes are often smoked during short breaks instead of bread rolls.

Stages of nicotine detoxification in the body

Nicotine withdrawal duration

After we’ve smoked, its various pollutants remain in our bodies for quite a while. In the display, you can see exactly how long nicotine can be detected in the body. Your hair, particularly your nails, will continue to suffer after the burned pollutants have been removed.

Mental and physical problems in quitting smoking

The market is full of supposedly helpful products if you want to reduce your nicotine consumption completely and quit smoking. In addition to chewing gum, nicotine patches, and pills, some try the hard way: sudden, total withdrawal. But be careful; this can lead to psychological and physical consequences. In addition to anxiety, fatigue, headache attacks and lack of concentration, severe depression can occur in a few cases. Your body will also report symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, body aches, difficulty breathing, and nausea. Of course, these symptoms do not all appear simultaneously and, above all, not always. Still, you must know them all to be sure you’re just going through nicotine cessation and not catching the flu.

Smoking controlled?

Significantly less harmful, and the nicotine dosage can be individually regulated, e-cigarettes are currently dominating the world on a veritable triumphal march. If you do not want to do without a certain amount of nicotine, the e-cigarette is the right choice. In addition to thousands of liquid flavours, vaping allows you to set your nicotine levels. Whether you mix delicious liquid yourself or buy one of the countless ready-made liquids without nicotine – the choice is huge. It’s a convenient way to get off those things, test out your favourite strains, and feed your reward system with smaller, less dangerous doses of nicotine. E-vaping is not only healthier because of its lower nicotine content, but the new way of smoking, vaping, is completely different. Compared to the tabacco, the substances are not burned but evaporated. Carcinogenic substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, or additives such as acetaldehyde are not produced and cannot harm your body. A tobacco cigarette also burns at a hot 900°C, while a conventional starter kit only reaches a maximum of 315°C.

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