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Guide To Stealth Vaping

Guide To Stealth Vaping

We vapers have a hard time; it sometimes happens that you are looked at pretty badly because of your gigantic sub-ohm cloud. Many look just as amazed at the often extraterrestrial-looking device you put back in your pocket. Vapers aren’t always about blowing out the biggest cloud; some just want to experience the diverse taste and avoid some dangerous ingredients when inhaling.

Proud to be a vaper? Less is sometimes more

Many people who switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes are proud to have arrived in the new age and are relatively free with their new favourite activity. However, this can change again in a few weeks; at some point, the vaper, in many cases, no longer feels like explaining for the hundredth time what an e-cigarette is, what it can do, why it is preferred to tobacco and all that nonsense. Some smokers also look at vapers with that “think you’re better” look, which is why some vapers often steer clear of classic smoking corners. The annoying smell of tobacco can also play a role here, and it is not uncommon for the incentive to stop stinking your home and clothes with butts to play the decisive role in switching to electronic smoking. If you are only concerned with taste and relaxation, you should read the following tips for unnoticed vaping, so-called stealth vaping.

Vaping without steam, what tricks are possible?

Ironically, the market is full of sub-ohm devices, and yet some vapers don’t just want to produce the biggest and greatest cloud of vapour. For many, it is not about conspicuousness but undisturbed enjoyment. One of the most important prerequisites for unnoticed vaping is the device used. A huge mod with two or four 18650 batteries with lots of colourful LED displays is simply out of place for stealth vaping. The sheer power that makes the huge clouds possible is not even needed. Rather, the housing design is about compactness and shapes that can be stowed in pockets; for example, the CAK disposable vape of the ICE CREAM is so small that you can quickly let them disappear in your closed hand. Small devices are also ideal. These are operated with low watts and higher resistance to emit as few clouds as possible.

Is liquid steams too little? It is great!

Such liquids are convenient for you. VG-heavy liquids are very popular because they produce more vapour than 50/50 PG/VG juices, but the opposite is desirable for secret vaping. For secret applications, PG-heavy liquids should be filled into the tank, which also tastes more intense since propylene glycol is a flavour carrier often used in the food industry. Also, another side effect of higher PG vape juices is the stronger throat hit.

How to properly use an e-cigarette?

To attract particularly little attention, you should internalize various drawing techniques that will make you look inconspicuous while vaping. On the one hand, after drawing on your vape, you can draw in a little more air and then keep the vape in your mouth for as long as possible. On the other hand, you can swallow the inhaled vapour, preferably several times in a row per puff. With all these tricks, however, you should always be aware that e-cigarette consumption is prohibited in some places and that you should not vape with these techniques in these places. These secret vaping tricks should only be used in legal places if you’re in the mood for explanations about vaping.

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