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First Time Vaping – What Can I Expect?

First Time Vaping – What Can I Expect?

The first own e-cigarette has already been bought, and a decision has also been made to favor an e-liquid. But there is one problem: You have never vaped yourself and therefore have no idea what to expect from your first attempt at vaping. This is not uncommon and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. After all, every vaper started at some point. Every vaper has taken their first puff from an e-cigarette and felt overwhelmed by all there is to learn about vaping. Vaping seems a lot more complicated than going to the store and buying your first cigarette. You had to decide on a suitable device, buy suitable accessories and e-liquid, and now you also have to deal with how to put all the parts together. Considering all these factors, it’s not uncommon for many vapers to find themselves very confused and irritated when they first vape. With this article, we would like to provide a little help and give those who want to vape for the first time the most pleasant experience possible so that they do not immediately refrain from it and fall back on tobacco.

Every vaper vapes for the first time at sometime

Well, every vaper has used an e-cigarette for the first time. As a beginner, you should not feel intimidated. Every vaper has at some point bought an e-cigarette and then felt slightly overwhelmed because the device seemed a lot more complicated than the tobacco cigarette. Maybe you looked into the packaging and then asked yourself, “And what now?” The operating instructions then don’t always seem designed for beginners, and the technical terms are more confusing than helpful. The path then usually leads to the Internet, where one expects more help from e-guides or YouTube videos or at least hopes for a demonstration of how the e-cigarette can now be assembled into a usable device. But even if you work with good instructions, mistakes are often pre-programmed. Although you have put everything together correctly, the device does not work. Maybe you were too hasty and burned the coil on the first puff. You fill in too much e-liquid, and the device runs out immediately. Of course, it’s not surprising if you feel ashamed and a little lost. However, every steamer has been at this point at some point, and we can only emphasize again and again that even as a beginner, you will find a connection very quickly and soon get the hang of it.

Selecting the right device

The device you use has an incredibly big impact on your first vaping experience. Some e-cigarettes are specifically designed for inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs. Others are more designed for the mouth-to-lung technique and only deliver an optimal result with this technique. Some vapers want their e-cigarette to be as similar as possible to their traditional e-cigarette and hope for an experience similar to smoking. For others, it is the opposite; they wish not to be reminded of the hated smoking when vaping. We would like to briefly present which devices are available for vaping and how they differ.

Box mods

As the name suggests, these mods come in the form of a box, although there are various options to choose from. There are devices with different wattages for different batteries, tank sizes, and much more. Especially those vapers who want a lot of flexibility are well advised to use the box shape. As a rule, many further settings are possible here, which allow the vaper to adapt the vaping individually to their wishes.

Pod vape kit

Pod vape kits are cylindrical, making them ideal for those vapers who want a cigarette-like device. The device’s small size in its elongated form only allows a lower wattage. Many smokers who want to quit themselves from smoking are well advised to start with an pod kit.

Mechanical mods

Mechanical battery carriers for e-cigarettes do not work electronically but, as the name suggests, mechanically. While you can’t make as many settings here, the big advantage is the significantly increased robustness. Most mechanical battery mods don’t mind rough handling, so you don’t have to buy various parts if you drop the device. Many vapers, therefore, prefer this form of battery carrier. The main advantages are simple operation, durability, robustness, and general reliability. However, this type of mod is unsuitable for beginners.

Ohm and watt

Anyone who has read the operating instructions for their e-cigarette or is only on the go in the related online forums will quickly get the impression that you have to be a qualified physicist to understand what is going on in the evaporator. Again and again, you stumble over terms like wattage or sub-ohm vaping. Here too, however, we can give the all-clear. The terms are not as complicated as they seem when you first read them, and you don’t need a degree in physics to understand them. The power of your e-cigarette is determined by ohms and watts. People vape worldwide, and almost everyone has their own ideas of what the best vaping experience should look like. At the same time, some prefer to see a particularly high vapor production and want to disappear into the fog when vaping; some like it to be more inconspicuous or instead prefer the scratchy feeling in the throat, which is very similar to smoking, which is referred to as a throat hit. This can be accomplished by experimenting with the ohm and watt settings. This makes it possible for every vaper to find a setting that he particularly likes in the end.

And this is how it works:

Ohm – this is the unit of measurement for resistance. Or, to put it more simply: the higher the resistance, the more ohms and correspondingly lower the amount of current that arrives in the evaporator. So if you reduce the ohms, you allow more current to flow, and consequently, you can produce more and more vapor that way.

Watt – this is the amount of power that a device produces. Increasing the wattage, more power flows through the device, producing warmer and denser vapor.

All about e-liquids

Of course, e-liquids are also essential for the first attempt at vaping. Finding the right liquid is a particularly critical factor when it comes to the subsequent vaping experience. If you accidentally use one you hate when your first vape, it will leave an unpleasant aftertaste and can spoil your desire to vape for a long time. Many smokers have not given e-cigarettes a chance simply because the first contact was not particularly pleasant. A lot stands and falls here with the selection of the e-liquid. Here you are faced with a similar job as with the choice of the e-cigarette. There are thousands of e-liquids on the market, all with different VG and PG ratios, nicotine levels, and flavors. The good news: there is a perfect e-juice for everyone somewhere. However, it can take a while before you discover it.

Understand nicotine levels

For e-juice, there are different nicotine levels to choose from. More nicotine usually means a harsher vape feeling and a stronger throat hit. Especially people who have smoked a lot in the past are often attracted to it. But if you vape with a lot of watts and nicotine, your throat will quickly be affected. For this reason, sub-ohm vaping usually use a lower nicotine content. With conventional e-cigarettes, vapers usually use a nicotine content of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or more.

The taste on the first vape attempt

There are so many flavors in e-liquid that you could try a new one every day without trying a flavor twice. Discovering flavors that you like has an incredibly big impact on how you experience the first vape puff. The taste also influences every further vape attempt. But since there’s no chance of trying every e-liquid in the world, it helps to settle on a general flavor profile that quickly narrows down your options. It makes sense to stick to flavors that appeal to you in everyday life. Popular flavors of e-juices are tobacco, menthol, types of fruit, desserts, sweets, or even cornflakes.

The best vaping experience

It happens very quickly that you feel a little overwhelmed when you try the e-cigarette for the first time. It helps to remember that all beginners felt the same way at one point. Choosing the right device that suits your preferences and pairing it with your favorite flavor will help drastically make your first vape experience as enjoyable as possible. At the same time, this also increases the chance that you will stay on the ball longer and that the e-cigarette will not soon be lying unused in the next corner. When it comes to vaping, no one solution fits all. It takes time and trial and error to find the settings and products you like best. Is the e-liquid a bit too strong to start with? In that case, trying a variety with lower nicotine content makes sense. Does vaping produce too much vapor? Here it can be helpful to choose a lower wattage. It’s important to remember that everyone has an optimal vaping experience. The more you experiment, the more devices, settings, and e-liquids you test, and the closer you get to finding the perfect combination that works best for you.

We hope this post can help some people lose their fear of trying their first vape and not give up immediately after the first puff. E-cigarettes are a great way to quit smoking finally and an important step towards a healthier life. If you follow a few useful tips, the whole thing will be even easier.

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