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Does The Smoking Ban apply To E-cigarettes?

Does The Smoking Ban apply To E-cigarettes?

Hobby room? Cosy corner? Or in the attic? Everyone has their favourite spot where they can find peace and relaxation and enjoy vaping. It doesn’t matter whether you’re relaxing in front of the flat screen, in the hobby room, comfortably in the garden, or on the balcony with a view of the pulsating lights of the city at your feet. It’s the nicest at home. Unfortunately, you will be forced to leave your cosy cave sooner or later. If you have a job, you usually can’t do it from home, after work you also like to go to a restaurant with your partner or to a café with friends. If you never want to do without your beloved e-cig, you probably ask yourself: Can I vape here? Is it allowed or tolerated, or forbidden?

Nonsmoker protection law and smoking ban in USA – Also for e-cigarettes?

The introduction of the Non-Smoker Protection Act in 2007 ensured a comprehensive smoking ban in restaurants and public facilities, including public transport such as buses and trains. Hard-core nonsmokers celebrated the law, but many smokers were marginalized. Many countries have relaxed the unpopular law somewhat and allowed catering establishments such as restaurants and discos to maintain smoking rooms and set up smoking zones at train stations. 

Smoking is not the same as vaping

Hair-splitting in the US judiciary is sometimes useful. According to the definition, the smoking ban only applies to the smoking process in which, as is typical when smoking a cigarette, a combustion process takes place. However, all e-cigarettes available on the market work using an evaporation process, and this crucial information probably ensures that e-cigarettes are exempt from the general smoking ban.

Due to this legal ruling, all enthusiastic e-smokers naturally wish for a growing acceptance of e-vaping in society. Over time, many reservations will certainly be reduced, but e-cigarettes are already a sensible alternative for many smokers and enjoy increasing popularity. Nevertheless, you should follow these instructions in everyday life when you are out and about with your steam device.

Vaping allowed at work?

Smoking in the workplace is uniformly regulated throughout the USA via the workplace ordinance. Employers can use this to restrict or completely prohibit smoking in the workplace concerning the Non-Smoker Protection Act. However, workers have the right to smoke breaks and even designated smoking areas. It is up to each company to find a compromise that both smokers and nonsmokers are happy with. But the same applies here: where there is no smoke, there is no fire! In theory, employers cannot ban vaping at work because there is no legal basis. Before you vaporize the entire office, workshop or warehouse, you should talk to your colleagues first and ask your superiors for permission as to which rules apply in the house rules.

With the e-cigarette in the cafe

As a smoker, you are used to disappearing into the next room or outside the door of restaurants, bars and discos to indulge your lust. The nonsmoker protection law is used here to protect the nonsmokers present from the harmful effects of passive smoking. The consequences of passive inhalation when evaporating liquids have not yet been adequately researched, and since no combustion process takes place, it is initially difficult to prove the harmful consequences. The use of e-cigarettes in restaurants is not expressly prohibited either. However, speaking to the owner in advance is always a good idea. Because here, too, domiciliary rights stand in the way, which the operator alone decides on.

Where vaping is most beautiful

Based on the legal situation, prospects for the future are promising. The trend towards e-cigarettes is growing, and vaping is finding more and more followers. In a few years, the e-cig will be accepted by the general public and tolerated in many public areas. Until then, you still have your favourite place and vaping in the open air is often very nice. You can also meet up with like-minded people over the internet.

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