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Are Vape Pens Allowed in Airports?

Are Vape Pens Allowed in Airports?

The short answer is No. But you can vape in the smoking room within the airports.

Vaping in several public places was banned in most of the countries within the EU after TPD was passed. First, vaping was banned in stadiums, schools, universities, hospitals, shops, and playgrounds, as well as on airplanes, and advertising and promotion of vaping products were banned.

But not every country allow smoking room in airports like Russia.

But last December, Russia passed a law returning the possibility of smoking in specially equipped areas of airports. At the same time, by the document, smoking rooms will have opaque walls and must be equipped with a ventilation system. Passengers who have checked in for a flight and are in transit will be able to use the services of such smoking rooms.

At the same time, it’s too early to talk about exactly what day it will be possible to smoke before the flight – it will take some time to return smoking rooms to the terminals, taking into account the different preparedness of airports for this.

So, the press service of the Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo” RIA Novosti reported that they plan to return the smoking rooms, which will be 14, at the beginning of the coming year, but there is no exact date yet.

The old smoking rooms at Domodedovo airport were refurbished in 2013; these rooms are used for other purposes, to improve passenger service, the public relations department of this airport said. Now the airport is studying the possibility of placing unique rooms in new areas.

At Vnukovo airport, the agency was told that smoking rooms were initially provided, equipped with a nine-time power air exchange system. The necessary equipment in these rooms has not been dismantled since the ban on smoking or vaping at airports.

Therefore, as previously reported in the press service, Vnukovo can quickly return smoking rooms to a functional state with the appearance of an appropriate legislative framework. At the same time, unique smoking rooms can be equipped so that the possibility of observing tobacco smoking from other rooms is excluded.

The situation is different in Zhukovsky. The fact is that this is a “young” airport, and there have never been smoking rooms in it since the terminal was designed and built during the period of a complete ban on smoking. Therefore, Zhukovsky cannot simply restore the previously existing smoking rooms; they must be created from scratch.

And such a task, as the airport’s public relations told the agency, will be solved as part of the reconstruction and expansion of the passenger terminal building, which is due in 2020-2021. In addition, the airport will explore the possibility of organizing smoking rooms in the operating terminal.

Plans to return smoking rooms have already been announced in the country’s regions.

Thus, the Khabarovsk airport reported that it was solving the issue of allocating premises for smoking rooms in the new terminal building. The Kaliningrad Khrabrovo spoke out in favour of the decision to return smoking rooms if this would exclude such violations as smoking in the toilets. Sochi Airport is ready to create smoking rooms and, if necessary, separate rooms for users of electronic cigarettes. St. Petersburg Pulkovo also announced its readiness to equip smoking rooms in the terminal.

Can I smoke IQOS at airports?

According to the law, smoking IQOS in public places is prohibited. An airport is a public place; smoking is subject to a fine. However, You can smoke IQOS in the smoking room in airports. In addition, you can buy IQOS at many major airports, as official points of sale are located there.

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