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Are E-cigarettes the Best Alternative for Smokers?

Are E-cigarettes the Best Alternative for Smokers?

The number of smokers who have never toyed with ​​quitting smoking for good is infinitesimally small. Instead, most people who smoke regularly have had some experience of quitting unsuccessfully at some point in their lives. There is a good reason why cigarettes are referred to as addiction or dependence because the satisfaction of smoking cigarettes is difficult to replace. Many companies advertise new concepts, such as detox tea or nicotine tablets, to make quitting easier. Other ex-smokers are firmly convinced that they have found the right way and want to recommend their method to everyone. But the fact is that the path is not the same for everyone because each person is dependent to a different degree. Getting off nicotine altogether is not an option for everyone. Some may not want that at all and want to reduce the harmful properties of a cigarette. Of course, we always advise all smokers on our site to try e-cigarettes because they have an enormously high degree of success compared to other alternatives for letting people live smoke-free in the long term. In this article, we don’t just want to look at this alternative; we want to show you which other methods are circulating and how they compare to vaping regarding the success and health of ex-smokers.

Why Quit Smoking Ever?

If you can’t think of a reason to stop smoking off the top of your head, you should look at the special cigarette packaging, which already gives a good impression of the risks. But smokers who have repeatedly reached for a cigarette over a long period develop a certain numbness after a while. It may even be assumed that the damage has already been done and that quitting smoking now has no effect. It hardly matters how many years you smoked regularly. Once you stop doing it, you will quickly see signs of improvement. You can feel that your blood pressure is slowly returning to normal, and your blood circulation is improving. The oxygen content in the blood returns to normal levels, and you feel better. After just one day without a cigarette, the risk of having a heart attack slowly decreases. The olfactory and taste buds recover from the constant exposure to the smoke, and you notice that you can smell and taste much better. After a few weeks, the circulation becomes more and more robust, and the lung function improves noticeably. After a while, chronic complaints such as coughing, sinus congestion and shortness of breath also subside. After just one year without a cigarette, the risk of a heart attack drops by half, regardless of the previous exposure to smoke. Those who stop smoking live longer and improve their quality of life. But which methods are suitable for quitting smoking in the long term?

Healthy ways to give up nicotine completely and quit smoking

Everyone agrees that smoking is bad for your health. But quitting is still not easy, and many need several attempts or don’t even manage to get off the cigarette. Especially those less susceptible to addictions and dependencies because their personality like to share success stories on the Internet. Ideally, replacing the cigarette with something beneficial to health is advised. Here are tips on grabbing an apple or chewing gum instead of a cigarette, preferably something healthy and no sweets. Distraction is also often advised. When thinking about a cigarette, you should do sports or housework instead to take your mind off things. Meditation or yoga to quit smoking also appear as events again and again. All of these suggestions are, of course, well and good and healthier than reaching for a cigarette. Unfortunately, they all have one rather ugly thing in common: They don’t work for everyone but only represent a real alternative for a fraction of all smokers that helps to quit smoking in the long term. It may be enough for a few days for everyone else, but the unpleasant withdrawal decisions once the nicotine stops at the latest lead back to the dangerous fags. But if quitting isn’t that easy and the advertised methods hardly work, how is it even possible to quit smoking?

E-Cigarettes – Many smokers are still unjustly deterred

Unfortunately, as vaping slowly but steadily increased in popularity over the past few years, it hasn’t done its public reputation any good. The situations are unfriendly for vape manufacturers around the world. The image circulated in the media was of vapers doing vape tricks and constantly using sugary-sweet flavours. Companies have been rolling out new flavours and targeting existing vapers in their marketing strategy rather than targeting smokers. More precisely, the original purpose of the e-cigarette, which was supposed to be to help smokers quit, has been completely lost sight of. Smokers are not (at least initially) concerned with optimizing e-cigarettes with elaborate modifications or trying every flavour of e-juice. Instead, an alternative is found that contains precisely those factors often lacking in others. You might even want a similar tobacco taste and a similar nicotine level, and most importantly, this addiction is about performing similar movements to smoking. The e-cigarette is also brought to the mouth, inhaling the vapour. It is precisely these points that make vaping so attractive. However, surveys have long since revealed that most smokers rule out vaping as a method of quitting simply because they don’t like the technology’s stigma. They have a negative impression of the vape and the community around it. Even if the e-cigarette is tested, many smokers try to remain as discreet as possible for fear of being judged. The public image of vapers is sometimes even more negative than that of smokers, while there is no reason for it. As more people look past such stigma and embrace e-cigarettes as a practical way to quit smoking, more people are reaping the multiple health benefits.

Scared off by the oversupply

We also regularly receive inquiries from first-time customers who are a little overwhelmed by the range on our site. If someone decides to switch from the cigarette to the much healthier e-cigarette, a replacement is usually needed quickly, and this should meet their requirements and ideas. Of course, we have a lot more than just an e-cigarette, and the path to the right device can be a bit tedious if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, we are always happy to help you choose a suitable device. In addition, we have set up a special starter area in our shop, where you can find all the products we can fully recommend to beginners. We want to advise everyone who has given up their search in frustration to give the e-cigarette a chance. Switching from smoke to vapour can reduce the health risk of traditional cigarettes by 95% and makes quitting smoking easier than ever. In addition, vaping is, in most cases, significantly cheaper than smoking, and in addition to your health, your wallet also benefits.

When it comes to quitting smoking long-term and sticking with it, no method works as well as vaping. Even long-time chain smokers can get away from cigarettes and do something for their health.

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