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10 Tips To Keep The E-cigarette In Top Condition

10 Tips To Keep The E-cigarette In Top Condition

Unfortunately, having an excellent e-cigarette and good liquid at the moment is no guarantee that it will always stay that way. Even the world’s highest quality and the best device can accumulate signs of wear over time. It can wear out and suffer from the vaping process. Especially when you have paid a lot of money for your device, you naturally want to avoid it giving up the ghost too quickly and being able to keep it in new condition for as long as possible after purchase. Therefore, this article has compiled ten important tips that will help keep the e-cigarette in top condition. If you pay attention to all points during use and daily vaping, you will soon notice the first successes. The device works perfectly, and the first signs of wear and tear can perhaps even be reversed with a few simple steps. Anyone interested in enjoying their vaporizer for as long as possible should read on.

1: Store The E-cigarette Correctly

An e-cigarette must inevitably have air holes. This is the only way to ensure enough air gets to the coil, and you can vape at a comfortable temperature. The air holes also ensure that the wick is sufficiently saturated with e-liquid. However, these openings in the e-cigarette also pose quite a risk. If stored incorrectly, e-liquid can get into the holes, and that can cause leakage. To prevent this, the e-cigarette should always be kept upright. This can prevent the air space from filling up with liquid. In addition, the e-cigarette should not be placed near water to keep the risk as low as possible. Direct sunlight is also anything but advisable if you want to enjoy your device for a long time. The same applies to particularly high summer temperatures. Accordingly, one can look for a shady and cool place for storage during the summer or at least refrain from vaping in full sun and outdoors.

2: Use A Protective Case

E-cigarettes have already been able to help many people with nicotine withdrawal or at least support them in finally becoming smoke-free and getting away from conventional e-cigarettes. However, despite all the positive effects, they are no less susceptible to external damage. E-cigarettes break even comparatively easily, and it is even easier to lose them. A case can help protect sensitive parts of the device from falls and bumps. There are also some storage options with which you can practically hang the e-cigarette around your neck, for example, not only not to lose it but also to protect it from falling. Putting the e-cigarette in your pocket may seem like a good idea, but you should be careful. Many pants are repeatedly responsible for serious damage to e-cigarettes. For example, if you spontaneously bend incorrectly, it can easily break the e-cigarette in your trouser pocket. Such an accident usually leaves a suitable, unsightly stain on the e-liquid, which not only shows up conspicuously on the pants but also gives the careless vaper a strong smell. So unless you are wearing very loose pants and are particularly alert to what is happening with the e-cigarette, you should not put it in your trouser pocket.

3: Always Refill E-liquid In Time

We have warned in various posts about letting the e-liquid fill level get too low. If there is not enough e-liquid in the device and you still try to vape, this can lead to burned coils and very battered inner workings of the e-cigarette. Even vaping is anything but pleasant. If the level drops below a certain level, the taste will become foul and burnt, and you will usually have to replace the coil and wick before you can continue vaping. Thorough cleaning is often required to get rid of the burnt taste. The problem can be avoided if you refill the e-liquid regularly and in good time. However, it is important to note that you should not overfill the pod. If you exceed a certain filling level, the risk of the liquid leaking increases, and this can also damage the device in the long term.

4: Store E-liquids in Dark And Cool

In the end, the quality of the e-liquid also contributes to how pleasant the vaping is. E-Liquid is very sensitive to light and cannot simply be stored anywhere. Many vapers, therefore, store their liquid in the refrigerator. Some have even had good experiences with storing them in the freezer. But if you leave the small bottle in the blazing heat, maybe even with the lid unscrewed, this drastically affects the taste. This is being falsified more and more so that, in the end, you will most likely get annoyed and have to throw away the rest. If you store your liquids cool, you can also positively influence the shelf life. For those not living alone and perhaps sharing the home with children or even pets, safety should also be an issue. The closure, including child safety, should always be screwed on tightly, and liquid and e-cigarettes should never be left unattended with children. A storage place that is not easily accessible for children and animals is good.

5: Regularly Charge Batteries And Batteries

If you ensure that the battery and accumulator are never empty before recharging them, you can drastically increase their lifespan. In addition, you should always plan if you will be on the road for a long time and fully charge the technology before leaving. With your batteries and accumulators, you also prefer to keep your distance from excessive temperatures. Good packaging on longer trips can help here.

6: Replacing Coils

Coils are not designed to last. They are only intended for use over a few weeks. The coil should therefore be replaced at least once a month to keep the performance of the e-cigarette high. This also pays off with the taste, which is significantly purer than if you vape with an old coil. When you notice a burnt taste or hear a gurgling noise from the e-cigarette, it is usually time to replace the coil. The coil’s lifespan can be increased if you consciously ensure that the wick is always saturated with good e-liquid. Slow vaping, waiting times after refilling, and a generally high pod level can help here.

7: Clean Evaporator Regularly

To ensure sufficient cleanliness of your e-cigarette, an important step is to ensure that the device can provide high performance and has a long life. For cleaning, the battery or the rechargeable battery should first be removed. Then the pod and the mouthpiece should be removed if the anatomy of the device allows it. Hot (but not boiling) water and natural detergents are best for cleaning. Before assembly, the components should dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours.

8: Keep Mouthpiece Clean

Dirt and impurities quickly collect on the mouthpiece in particular. These can then block the vapor flow and cause a performance loss. Dust also settles here very easily. Cleaning the mouthpiece is much easier than other components of the e-cigarette, which is why this tip can be implemented particularly quickly. To do this, the mouthpiece has to be removed once. As a first step, you can blow through it with a little pressure to blow the dustout. You can also fold a paper towel or use a cotton swab to absorb any liquids that may be present or to remove larger dirt. In the end, soaking or rinsing with warm water helps here too. However, the mouthpiece should also be allowed to dry thoroughly before reinserting.

9: Do Not Overtighten Fittings

There are usually several screw connections on the e-cigarette. The coil is screwed on, as is the pod. However, this can quickly become a problem if you overdo it and tighten the screws too tightly. The problem arises at the latest when you want to unscrew the device again. If you have already made a mistake and can no longer loosen the screw connection, it can help to use some rubber band to get a better hold. But it would help if you did not use any tools because you would damage the evaporator and battery. If you don’t know when you’ve screwed enough, it helps to be attentive. Many devices snap into place with a clicking sound once the right point is reached.

10: Keep Battery Contacts Clean

The battery contacts the interface between the battery or rechargeable battery and the device itself. If there is coarse dirt here, this can reduce the contact and thus negatively affect the performance of the device. A clean cotton swab should be used to clean this. This is a good way to remove dust and other contaminants. Many vapers who have long since given up on e-cigarettes have had great success with this simple cleaning tip and have restored their device to effectiveness. Even supposedly empty rechargeable batteries or batteries can still give off energy.

In some cases, it is not the contamination that prevents a connection between the battery and the device, but only the contacts are displaced. Depending on the structure of the e-cigarette, the contact may have slipped too far into the recess. If you suspect that moving the device is responsible for the drop in performance, you should carefully try to pull the contacts out again with a wooden toothpick. It’s usually a matter of millimeters, so you should always be careful not to cause major damage.

Of course, these are by no means all measures that can help to increase the lifespan of e-cigarettes. However, these tips cover the most important actions that contribute to maintaining the top quality of your vaporizer. They lay the foundation for enjoying vaping for a long time. If you have any questions, you can reach us at any time via our contact options.

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