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How to Find a Reliable Vape OEM/ODM Manufacturer

I assumed that you know that most famous brand doesn’t run their factory today. They out-source the manufacturing process to a third party, most of the cases in China. And that’s what is also happening in the vape industry. Shenzhen, China, known as the capital of vaping in the world, has so many vape manufacturers offering OEM or ODM services. Back up by the well-established infrastructure within the city, you can launch a disposable vape with your branding within a month. (That’s crazy.)

Finding a reliable vape manufacturer for vape OEM is not an easy job, especially for new beginners in the vape business who have never imported any stuff from China before. Because there are more than 600 vape manufacturers in Shenzhen, but like not all companies are the same, different vape factories have their advantages or disadvantages.

Unreliable e-cigarette factories have trouble controlling quality, lousy product experience, production time delays, potential security threats, etc.

So how can you find a reputable vape factory? We summarized the following idea for your reference.

1: Work with a vape manufacturer with a long history

We are talking about the history since they are in the vape OEM business, not the time of the establishment of their company. This is one of the critical indicators to help us find an excellent factory. A time-tested vape manufacturer is, obviously, more experienced in quality control. That’s what their reputation builds upon.

2: Take a look at the size of the factory

Since e-cigarette OEM requires lots of investment in facilities, R&D, and employee training. So the big player in the industry always uses up-to-date technology to improve their productivity. The larger the factory, the stronger the ability of manufacturing.

Secondly, large factories master the core technology of electronic cigarettes and have production lines with guaranteed production capacity, which can provide one-stop OEM/ODM solutions for multiple brands in the market.

3: Ask for samples

Ask the factory to send you some samples before you make the decision. Please take a look at their product quality. Whether they have a complete quality inspection system and whether they meet your quality requirements. Unless you would provide them with your own e-juice, you should also pay attention to their e-juice inside the samples, so it’s necessary to take a puff to see what they taste.

If the factory does not pay attention to the samples sent to their clients, you can’t expect them to do well in the future step of cooperation.

The principles above can help you find a reliable vape manufacturer in most cases, but you still need to keep your eyes open and compare different companies.

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