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Wrong Knowledge And Corona Speculations

Wrong Knowledge And Corona Speculations

If you google for e-cigarettes and the associated benefits and risks, you will end up with a motley assortment of various news reports, scientific papers, and blog posts. And unfortunately, much of what you find is nothing but outright nonsense. In this blog post, we clear up various prejudices and misconceptions. However, it starts with a message – and now a quick drum roll – Corona! Scientists are currently pursuing a very interesting assumption here.

Does nicotine help against Corona?

As early as the beginning of the spread of Corona in the word, we reported in mid-March on the claim that vapers allegedly had an increased risk of infection with Corona – an unproven assumption by a poorly informed politician that has not been proven to this day. And suddenly, it is said that nicotine should help against Corona? That sounds pretty unbelievable at first, but this time the suspicion was not put into the world by a clumsy politician, a corrupt lobbyist, or a private blogger. Instead, the hypothesis comes from France, more precisely Paris, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic in the EU, alongside Italy and Spain.

Paris Stduy On The Effect Of Nicotine Against Corona

In the Parisian hospital La Pitie-Salpetriere, only 25 of the 500 corona patients examined were smokers (= 5%). The proportion of smokers suffering from Corona is thus 80% lower than the proportion of smokers in the total population of France. And this abnormality has prompted doctors to conduct a study investigating this phenomenon.

Professor Jean-Pierre Changeux from the Institut Pasteur and the Collège de France hypothesizes that nicotine adheres to the same cell receptors in the human body that are targeted by the Covid-19 virus. This would prevent the virus from infecting the body and spreading further.

So should we now pour all nicotine boosters into our liquids to the max? Not for the time being, because today, it is just a hypothesis that has not yet been validated. As soon as the study already planned for this can show the first results, we will inform you!

Incorrect information about the e-cigarette

If you’re a regular blogger, you’ve probably read about the UK government study that found vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking. Sometimes we think we might be mentioning this study too often – but we’re not doing it often enough.

According to a survey by the BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment), 60% of Germans believe that vaping is at least as harmful as smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. And the majority of those surveyed are convinced that liquids are more harmful than cigarettes. And not only that, because 20% of all vapers in Germany also consider liquid to be more dangerous than tobacco – crazy, right? But it doesn’t stop there, as 49% of Germans believe that e-liquid damages the lungs. And around 42% think e-cigarettes cause cancer. The risk of developing cancer from e-cigarettes is only 0.5%, which is light years below the risk from tobacco cigarettes.

Would you like more information? In this article, we have summarized how bad or good e-cigarettes are.

The glimmer of hope

Despite the negative image of e-cigarettes in large parts of the population, the number of people who know about the favorable properties of vaping is increasing from year to year. For example, 13% see e-cigarettes as an alternative to quitting smoking in the long term.

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