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Will Disposable Vape Pens Denormalize Smoking?

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What the last 12 months have shown us with single-use products

In the past year, the culture of “social smoking” among young adults in Germany has changed. Many of those who started smoking in their 20s have chosen a safer and better tasting alternative.

During my studies, I noticed that my fellow students who had taken the habit of smoking when going out smoked very often. One or two cigarettes in the smoking room of a pub then turned into a whole pack that lasted for the whole week.

Today, young adults are more likely to be seen with colorful disposable e-cigarettes than with a pack of cigarettes. Is this a sign of a cultural shift among 18-30 year olds? Let’s take a look at the causes and whether this can lead to a denormalization of smoking in Germany.

The rise of disposable vape pens

As with any industry, trends come and go, some lasting much longer than others. When the CAK Vape Pen first launched, experienced vapers thought it was a short-term fad that would be gone in a few weeks. But even today, disposable products are enjoying increasing popularity. But they are not new to the market. Disposable vape pens h ave been around for years, but why are they so popular right now?

The main argument is that it is the easiest way to vape. There is no refilling of e-liquid, no changing of coils or settings. You simply inhale into the mouthpiece and the device does the rest.

In the past, many smokers have struggled to make the switch, finding it much easier to light a cigarette than to set up an e-cigarette. Even a starter kit can be too much of a hassle for some smokers and they use it as an excuse to get back to cigarettes. However, disposable vape pens are even easier to use than cigarettes. They also come in very strong and sweet flavors.

The rise of disposable e-cigarettes has also been helped by the fact that these kits are readily available. Disposable cigarettes are available in every corner shop or supermarket that sells cigarettes.

Who Uses Disposable E-Cigarettes?

While the majority of single-use consumers are already vaping or making the switch from smoking, the number of 18- to 30-year-old social smokers has risen sharply. These are people who only smoke in social circles, e.g. B. when going out. However, these could be considered non-smokers.

Social smoking vs. vaping

Our job as a company is to discourage people from smoking. So far, we’ve accomplished this by offering smokers safer alternatives to help them make the transition. With single-use products, we can now discourage those who would normally start smoking from picking up a cigarette.

The surge in disposable e-cigarettes started in the US before reaching Germany. A study by the University of Michigan (1) found that smoking rates among adolescents have declined drastically over the past 20 years. In 2021, that number hit an all-time low of 2.3%. This decline coincided with the advent of vaping and a rise in youth smoking rates.

This is despite the strong anti-vaping lobby wanting us to believe that vaping serves as a gateway drug for initiating cigarette use. This is far from the truth, and studies like that from the University of Michigan show a decrease in smoking among adolescents. It’s also important to emphasize that non-smokers who are attracted to vaping would most likely start smoking if it weren’t for that opportunity.

Unfortunately, policy makers in the US have further restricted the vaping industry. Recent legislation bans flavored e-liquids in certain states. This was to take action against young people vaping. However, according to a study by JAMA Pediatrics (2), it did the opposite. They suggest that in areas like San Francisco, the ban has helped double the rate of underage use in high schools compared to other counties.

Have disposable products had a positive impact on the vaping industry?

Many in the industry feel that the rise of disposable vape pens has had a negative impact on the vaping industry. Rapid growth has pushed vaping into the limelight, meaning those benefiting from the industry’s restriction have worked even harder to enforce restrictions. Added to this are concerns about the environmental impact of single-use plastic devices.

Despite their bad reputation, disposable vape pens have proven to be one of the most effective ways to help people quit smoking. You have not only addressed the previous smokers who have found it difficult to switch to a starter kit. They have also preemptively caught future smokers who may have become addicted to cigarettes.

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