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Why the Healthcare Industry Also Benefits from E-cigarettes

Why the Healthcare Industry Also Benefits from E-cigarettes

Regarding criticism of e-cigarettes, some allegations are often far-fetched, while others have at least a core of truth. The vape is accused of degenerating into a purely recreational trend that poses a health risk. Although we never tire of emphasizing that the use of e-cigarettes is about 95% less harmful to health than cigarette consumption, it cannot be denied that the intake of nicotine always involves a certain risk to one’s health. However, what can invalidate this argument is the multiple ways the healthcare industry has benefited from the e-cigarette and its technology over the past few years and continues to do so. What may appear from the outside as a purely recreational activity, or even a pure stimulant, allows the healthcare industry to take advantage of it in many ways. In this article, we look at three of these ways to further improve the reputation of e-cigarettes and to be able to counteract the often harsh criticism.

Vaping Is Proven To Stop Smoking

In the meantime, it has also been officially recognized that vaping is a sensible and functional method of quitting smoking. It is not only mentioned as an advantage; it is much safer to inhale vapour than cigarette smoke. In addition, people notice an improvement in their health very quickly and feel better, making the switch very easy for them. While many methods of quitting smoking have a very high likelihood of recidivism, switching to e-cigarettes has a very low likelihood of recidivism because it also considers the psychological dependency on traditional cigarettes. While it’s true that we don’t yet have any research on the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes, it’s pretty much the same with smoking. Even if the probability of developing lung cancer could only be reduced by almost half, that would be a great advantage from which the healthcare industry would benefit.

Vape technology offers a new way of taking medication

There have already been early researchers who have shown that the technology behind the e-cigarette could help with more than just the consumption of nicotine and flavourings. Many people still fear going to the doctor today, largely due to a fear of needles and the resulting use of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Even if this fear is mostly irrational, it ensures that many people are still denied the help they need. However, if the drug is absorbed into the body in vapour, the use of needles can be avoided entirely. But there are also medical reasons for using vaporizers to absorb pharmaceuticals. Many medications have side effects. If a tablet is swallowed, it can also cause indigestion, nausea or vomiting, depending on the substance it contains. Ingestion via the respiratory tract completely bypasses the digestive tract, whereby such side effects can also be excluded. We cannot avoid naming the risks even if there are many advantages. The increased use of vape devices in medicine and the context of medicines such as narcotics could reinforce the negative public image of e-cigarettes. Of course, in such cases, abuse cannot be ruled out, and drug addicts could use the technology to satisfy their addiction and thus permanently harm their health.

Nevertheless, there is great potential in the technology, and even if abuse occurs, there is still a clear advantage for addicts. The needle can also be completely avoided if illegal narcotics are consumed via vaporizers. Addicts don’t share needles, and most importantly, this greatly reduces the risk of spreading disease. This is also a great advantage from a medical point of view. In many cases, however, medical use is not yet conceivable at the moment and would require the use of politics and legislation.

Consume vitamins and supplements in a vapour

In recent years, taking vitamins and dietary supplements has become much more popular. And for the most part, this upswing is completely justified because most people suffer from some form of vitamin deficiency. Whether it’s vitamin D or B12, the daily intake of tablets is still a nightmare for many people, which is why there are sometimes major health risks. Vaping technology would also be a solution here because many vitamins can be integrated into e-liquids and thus consumed with the help of e-cigarettes or other vaporizers. While there is currently no research that would definitively state whether vitamins can be ingested as a vapour, human health has many benefits. It is absorbed very quickly, and, especially in the case of B12, expensive injections and medication can be avoided, especially in the case of severe deficiency symptoms. Even if the technology is not yet capable of major achievements in this area, it certainly makes sense for research to take a closer look in the future and for us to be able to benefit from the developments in a few years.

The e-cigarette is still mostly controversial these days. Some make accusations, others praise them effusively, while there is probably a grain of truth in everything. While using e-cigarettes should by no means be called healthy (even if it is healthier than traditional smoking), there are many good reasons not to demonize the technology itself. Especially in the context of health and the health industry, many exciting developments can be identified, which will probably bring many exciting innovations with them in the next few years. If you have any questions, please use our contact options.

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