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Why is my e-liquid changing colour?

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There are a few reasons why the color of your e-juice can change, such as when the e-juice has been exposed to air or has reached a certain age. Even the aroma used can affect the color. Have you ever taken a closer look at your favorite bottle and wondered why the liquid inside seems to have changed since you bought it? If the answer is yes, you may have asked yourself other questions about your e-liquid as well. For example: Is your e-liquid “thicker” as the color gets darker? Is the flavor affected by the color change?

We now know that e-liquid has a huge impact on a vaper’s personal journey.

The perception of taste, color and even the thickness of the e-liquid is a matter of personal opinion. However, we can use a little science to understand why your e-liquid changes color and how it affects taste. Let’s take a look at some CAK VAPE E-Liquids and see what happens to them over time.

E-Liquid changes color

Let’s take PODS FOR MIX as an example. These are stored at room temperature in our state-of-the-art laboratory, like in a sample library. Every e-liquid has a manufacturing date (D.O.M.) that tells us the age of the e-liquid. Bottles range from freshly made to bottles over 12 months old. The freshly prepared e-liquid will be clear with a slight yellow tint. As the e-liquid ages, it turns a shade of yellow to dark orange. If you vape a higher nicotine strength, the liquid will become even darker in the same period of time.

What is the reason for the color change in your e-liquid?

The main reason for the color change is a process caused by oxidation, the gain of oxygen by a substance. It is important to note the color change due to oxidation in the product specification that CAK manufactures all e-liquids to. Which substances are oxidized? The first is nicotine, albeit at a slow pace. If e-liquid with nicotine is stored at room temperature, the combination of light and air will cause the liquid to go dark for an extended period of time. This darkening can be enhanced by the e-liquid strength. This is quite logical since a higher concentration of nicotine in the bottle results in a darker appearance.

Can my e-liquid expire?

No, Don `t worry. Our lab stability tests have shown that this nicotine oxidation process is slow at room temperatures across a wide range of e-liquid flavors. The darker e-liquids still have the same quality as the newly produced clear vapor liquid. The actual taste can also affect the darkening of the e-liquids. Even with low nicotine strength, due to specific flavorings.

Does the thickness of the e-liquid stay the same?

Yes. The thickness of the e-liquid is the same for a light shade as for a darker shade. No chemical processes take place when the e-liquid is stored to change the thickness. Sure, the diluents in the e-liquid (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) will pick up some moisture from the air during the aging process. But not to the extent that you notice a difference in the thickness of your e-liquid. What will change is how we perceive the color of e-liquid. The liquid stored for over a year simply looks thicker due to the darker color and the newly manufactured e-liquid looks thinner or “more watery”, but it is not.

Matured e-liquid

Some vapers actually prefer an e-liquid that has aged and is darker in color. Other vapers actually don’t notice any change in flavor from a freshly made e-liquid to a “steeped” one. In fact, there is some debate as to whether the “ripening” does anything at all. However, some vapers absolutely swear by soaking a liquid for weeks before vaping it, especially when it comes to a dessert flavor.

What we can say is that even if your e-juice is a little darker than you’re used to, there’s nothing wrong with it. The taste and the nicotine hit should be the same.

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