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Why Do Many People Say that Vapes Are a Good Smoking Cessation Tool?

Do you want to leave this bad habit behind? All you need is a smoking cessation plan and some advice.

Unlike vapes, traditional cigarettes contain a whole host of harmful carcinogens, but today we’re not here to talk about the dangers of smoking. If you’re here, you already know the negative consequences of this bad habit, but you want to correct something wrong in your brain, so let’s jump right into the so-called quitting tips.

You may have read other articles here and there where everyone talks about how to quit smoking more efficiently, but the reality is often far from theory. Quitting smoking is challenging because the nicotine and cigarette habit can make you a slave to ritual.

We won’t lie to you. It’s going to be a tough fight, you’ll need a lot of weapons to fight properly, but you can win. Many people (like us) have succeeded, maybe even in different ways, so in the following, we’ll tell you what we think is the most effective way to say goodbye to cigarettes.

How to develop a smoking cessation plan

As you may have noticed, quitting smoking suddenly is a pure utopia. It takes time to hit and stay on target, so it’s best to brainstorm and have a strategy at the table. 

Here are the three stages you need to go through:

1. Willpower: Find the right motivations and fight for them, just as you should for yourself and those you love. It would help if you had a truckload of them.

2. Detoxification from nicotine: The main reason for smoking is this alkaloid in tobacco, which is addictive both physically and mentally. As we’ll see in the following, you’ll need tools to deal with a withdrawal crisis.

3. Habit Replacement: Smoking has always had an important place in your life, and depriving it can make you feel a kind of emptiness. This space is golden because you can fill it with whatever you want!

Well, that’s the way to go. No matter what method you use to do it, it will go through some tricks anyway.

Now let’s see how vaping can help you to quit smoking.

Vapes are born as a smoking cessation tool, which provides excellent help for you to start your smoking cessation journey.

If willpower is to be found through a good check of conscience, then vapes provide you with tangible support to fight the battle.

Here are the advantages of this approach:

Intermittent nicotine intake: All tobacco substitutes (patches, sprays, gum, etc.) provide a constant supply, while e-cigarettes mimic the periodic input of a classic smoker: in other words, it “keeps you in good shape” “Whenever desire comes to you, it is the same.

Ritual and pleasurable to maintain posture: like smoking, not for taste, because cigarettes are awful, but for everything around: it represents a gathering moment in some cases, and others. With a sense of intimacy, it marks the rhythm of the day and time.

Electronic cigarettes replace traditional cigarettes, allowing you to maintain the posture and ritual of smoking.

Dramatically reduce inhalation of toxic substances: Tobacco cigarettes contain more than 4,000 harmful and carcinogenic elements to the human body, and the vapour produced by electrons is almost inert.

Nicotine modulation: E-liquids enable you to use different levels of liquid nicotine. You can start with higher doses – and avoid withdrawal/relapse – and gradually build up them to eliminate it.

To date, no other smoking cessation tool combines all these elements, so we can safely say that e-cigarettes are a great way to do it.

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