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What Would the World be Like if Vapes Disappeared?

What Would the World be Like if Vapes Disappeared

What is a dry burn anyway?

Remember that a dry burn has several functions. Clean the resistive wire of impurities. Check that there is no short circuit in the resistor. Shape the coil by heating it, so the turns are equal and tight against each other. This improves the heating coefficient. The dry burn also allows complete coil cleaning by removing liquid residues and used cotton.

Is that quite reasonable?

Indeed, and I confess to having often asked myself, is it reasonable to subject all these harsh treatments to kanthal, nickel, nichrome, or others? According to Farsalinos, a single dry burn breaks the molecular structure of nickel, chromium, and particles can end up in liquid and vapor. These are words that go bad in the community. Doing rebuildable without dry burn is like having a candlelight dinner without the candles.

Don’t blush

Once again, we hear that the doses of particles are tiny, that this does not call into question the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette, but that if we could do without a dry burn, it would be good while waiting for further studies.

Challenging to get rid of this habit a priori. The dry burn is a bit of a ritual, a pleasure to see your successful coil blush with pleasure. Well, we’ll have to move on. Take more time in the preparation of our resistances. Cleaning the coils with water. Ditto for the kanthal that will be cleaned with alcohol or water.

Mistake of youth?

The unstoppable argument is that the resistive wire was not initially designed to be in contact with our glycerinated liquids. The effects of the liquid on the wire subjected to high temperatures are still little known.

The vape, the electronic cigarette, is still a victim of their youth. And there is still a long way to go before we can answer THE question: the ecig? Good or not good? By then, we may have found other alternatives to this problem. The boxes that control the temperature of the resistive wire are already in progress but should be democratized. For the moment, this technology is only found on high-end equipment.

As for Doctor Farsalinos, let’s recognize that he is only doing his job by asking the right questions, even those that bother them. And try to advance the thing called the vape.

And if the electronic cigarette had not been called electronic cigarette but had kept its first name of the vaporizer? Wouldn’t the world of vaping be turned upside down today?

With the personal vaporizer, there is no hint of cigarettes. ”Vaporizer” is a thousand times less charged with effects than the term “cigarette,” which attracts all possible controversy as well as the wrath of health ministries of all stripes.

If we had immediately adopted the “vaporizer” as a symbol of the vape, perhaps we would not have to fear today the TPD vape, amendments, regulations, and excessive prohibitions which await us at the turn of the year 2022? Not to mention the lot of misinformation of which the vape is constantly the victim.

Imagine a world without fear of an end to the vape. A world where shops, forums, and blogs would have eradicated all terms related to cigarettes. No more words, e-cig, cigarette, smoker, etc. When you are a Vaper, you move so far away from the world of cigarettes that you wonder how the amalgam vape/tobacco can be so strong.

The trouble is that when you’re a smoker, you don’t know anything about vaping, but if you want to get into it, this mix is ​​necessary. That’s the whole paradox. If we had called the ecig personal vaporizer, likely, it would not have met with the same success. Vaporizer. it doesn’t make you want to.

The first time I heard about electronic cigarettes was when I received an email for a private sale. It was in 2009. It was a kit for a kind of Erroll. The price of the thing is not far from 100€. Besides, I didn’t understand everything. How can you smoke with a USB key? But the term “electronic cigarette” immediately caught my attention. Inevitably, I was a smoker with all the hassles of smokers.

The vaporizer is less of a seller. You have to admit it.

Seriously, it would look like this world without e-cigs. Maybe the emancipation of the vape from the world of cigarettes should go through this: choosing a more appropriate and less suicidal terminology?

Imagine that my alternate history becomes a reality. Nicotine would be less scary, and TPD would be irrelevant. The youngsters would return to their sandbox. We would read the news on the blog mon-vaporiseur.fr. At worst, it is the pharmacists who would make war on us. We would find JAI at Nature & Decouvertes, and even the tobacconists would be happy (I say what I want, that’s my article). You can dream. It costs nothing.

On May 22, 2015, the beloved vaper Doctor Farsalsinos made some of us roar angrily. Perhaps you have read articles relating to the possible harmlessness of dry burn?

Dry burn is an essential maneuver in the preparation of our resistances. The dry burn should be, according to Farsalinos, banned from the habits of the vaper. It is the whole vape of reconstructable that is called into question.

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