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What is PG/VG in E-cigarettes?

General: It evaporates at relatively low temperatures. In the gaseous state, it condenses into fine droplets (usually in the presence of a gas stream), which trap some adjacent molecules (i.e., nicotine, aroma molecules, water, etc.). This fast phenomenon produces an aerosol that visually mimics smoke.

PG (Propylene Glycol) is a component of the diluent base used in most e-liquids on the market. Tested and approved by the pharmaceutical industry as a carrier for bronchodilator active ingredients such as Ventolin, it appears to be an ideal base for e-liquids.

The main alternative compound for PG as a base carrier for e-liquid diluents is vegetable glycerin (VG).

VG (vegetable glycerin) is transformed into a dense and rich vapour when vaping. On the taste, it is slightly sweet, masking the perception of the aromatic molecules contained in e-liquid.

Also, VG is about 30 times more viscous than PG. So it will have a more challenging time dipping the wick of a personal vaporizer than a PG. Therefore, the risk of localized dryness is higher. To overcome this, you must wait for the e-liquid to re-soak the device correctly and wait a few seconds between inhalations. The vaper also has the option to adjust his device by using resistors and cotton suitable for sticky products.

Can e-cigarettes be used with nicotine patches or cigarettes? Many friends who want to quit smoking will have this problem; it doesn’t matter, come with me.

A patch, also known as a “nicotine patch,” is a medical device that sticks to the body and delivers nicotine slowly through the skin. This reduces the cravings associated with quitting smoking. Numerous scientific studies have proved the patch’s effectiveness, but it remains effective as long as the dosage is respected.

How to use the nicotine patch?

To take the correct dose, the physical dependence on nicotine needs to be measured first. Then you must adequately apply the patch to the dry, hairless skin area and change the site daily. The patches take effect hours after application, so nicotine gum or gum is recommended during off-peak periods. In most cases, this helps stop, but the patch also contains side effects, such as insomnia, nausea, headache and increased heart rate.

Can we combine patches with e-cigarettes?

We invite you to consult your pharmacist when using e-cigarettes, even if your doctor recommends using the patch with chewing gum and other medications. He is the only one who can determine whether you can vape based on the dose and your addiction.

I want to combine cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Are there any contraindications?

Many people want to start electronic cigarettes, but it is challenging to quit traditional cigarettes altogether. Therefore, they intend to interchange the two according to their wishes or mood.

There is not necessarily a medical contraindication to this. Still, it is necessary to rationalize the dose of nicotine so as not to exceed its target and taper off classic cigarettes.

overdose symptoms

If you overdose on nicotine between e-cigarettes and classic cigarettes, you may experience dizziness and headaches. Take a few hours of rest before resuming smoking, and consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

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