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What is Disposable Vape? How Long Will it Last?

In the world of vaping, as in many other spheres, there are trends: periods in which one or an entire category of products are the most popular.

This usually happens because there is a particular curiosity of the public towards a new type of electronic cigarette, in specific cases aroused by the real needs of vapers or those who would like to approach vaping.

One of these “fads” concerns the disposable vape kit, a device that was certainly not born yesterday but returned to the fore in the last year.

With lots of vape manufacturer offering disposable vape OEM service, many companies have recently ventured into this type of production, launching their own “disposable e-cig” on the market.

What is a disposable e-cigarette

The disposable electronic cigarette is a vaporizing device that works in all respects like a classic e-cig, with the only difference being that its duration is limited in time.

Its all-in-one structure does not allow the replacement of any piece, and once the life cycle of the electrical resistance inside it ends, the device must be thrown in the trash.

Many models, as was the case in the past, are supplied with pre-loaded e-liquid inside the tank, and in these cases, the product’s life is limited to the end of this supply.

This limited duration also affects the price, which is very low and generally between € 6 and € 8 for the models available.

Once, disposable electronic cigarettes were vape devices that looked a lot (at least in aesthetics) to a traditional tobacco cigarette.

The problem, however, is that these devices did not have a genuinely satisfying aromatic yield and vaporization for the user and a very short-run charge, which is why they have slowly lost a foot in the evolution of vaping.

To date, however, the “disposables” are, in all respects, pod mods and carry a whole series of improvements made by the manufacturers:

  • Longer battery life (sometimes rechargeable)
  • Abundant steam production
  • Captivating aromas pre-loaded inside them
  • Aromatic yield implemented

This has allowed this type of hardware to come back, covering a new slice of the market.
Now let’s see how a disposable vaporizing device works.

How a disposable e-cig is made and how it works

Whether or not it is disposable, an e-cigarette consists of the same elements: atomizer and battery body.
The atom is the upper part of the device and is composed of:

Drip tip: nozzle for steam inhalation
Pod: liquid cartridge, pre-loaded and non-refillable in many models and available with different grades of liquid nicotine
Coil: heating resistance that vaporizes the e-liquid on contact, with a limited duration over time

Below, we find the body of the electronic cigarette, which houses the battery and possibly the button for the activation of the vaporization, in many cases automated thanks to a sensor that detects the aspiration through the drip tip.

A traditional e-cig allows you to replace the pod cartridge and the coil inside it. At the same time, this is impossible in a disposable electronic cigarette, and the two parts are inseparable.
Therefore, once removed from its packaging, the “pod mod one shot” will last just the time necessary for the consumption of the liquid contained within it or at the end of the life cycle of the coil, after which it must be disposed of in the undifferentiated.

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