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What Are The Categories Of E-Cigarettes?


The range of products on the e-cigarette market is wide, but easily explained. Here is the most important information for you:

  • E-cigarette sets and all-in-one devices
  • Different types of clearomizers
  • E-cigarette batteries and battery carriers
  • Controllable and non-controllable e-cigarettes
  • E-cigarette pod systems
  • Open and closed e-cigarette systems
  • More model categories

E-cigarette sets and all-in-one devices

The initial component of an e-cigarette is the mod, a battery or battery carrier. This is the part of the e-cigarette that supplies the device with energy and can be used to make operational settings. There is also the clearomizer with tank, evaporator head and mouthpiece. There the liquid is vaporized. If you buy an e-cigarette set, it includes these two components, usually also one or more matching atomizer heads and other accessories. Mod and clearomizer can be separated from each other and can usually be combined with other devices. The situation is different with the all-in-one devices. Here you get – as the name suggests – everything in one, a device that combines all components in a complete package.

The Mod: Batteries and battery carriers for e-cigarettes

A mod with an integrated, rechargeable battery for e-cigarettes is often simply referred to in the vaping world as a “battery”. For these devices, the capacity is given in milliampere hours (mAh) under the technical specifications. It tells you how long the device can be used at a certain voltage drop before it needs to be recharged. Mods without their own internal battery, which are operated with replaceable battery cells, are called battery carriers. It should be noted that only high-current-resistant cells that are suitable for use in e-cigarettes may be used here. A further article on this blog provides information about the different types of batteries for e-cigarettes.

Controllable and non-controllable e-cigarettes

Regardless of the power supply, mods are divided into controllable and non-controllable devices. With controllable devices, it is possible to set parameters such as the output power, the output voltage or the temperature on the e-cigarette according to individual needs. In the case of non-adjustable mods, the device takes over for the user: The devices work with constant voltage, power or temperature, sometimes the output voltage also changes depending on the charge level of the battery or the battery cell(s)!

Attention: These terms should not be confused with the designations of regulated or unregulated battery carriers. A regulated mod has a large number of safety-relevant protective functions such as the draw time limit, protection against short circuits or deep discharge protection – regardless of whether settings can be made on the device or not. Unregulated, purely mechanical mods do not have these protective functions! It is therefore not advisable to use purely mechanical mods.

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The clearomizer: self-winder and ready-to-use coiler

Clearomizers differ on the one hand in terms of the pulling technology for which they are optimized and on the other hand in terms of their winding and how it is installed.

You can vape from the mouth to the lungs (MTL) or with direct lung puffs (DL). Different atomizer heads are available for many clearomizers, so that they allow both draw techniques. However, other devices are particularly suitable for one or the other drawing technique, for example with regard to the air flow control. Here we are talking about “subohm clearomizers” or “MTL devices”.

Classic tank atomizers are operated with prefabricated atomizer heads. In the vaping scene, this class of device is often referred to as a “ready-to-use coiler”. But there are also vaporizers in which the user installs one or more coils himself. These clearomizers are usually called “self-winders”.

A chapter of its own: pod systems

The pod systems represent a special category of all-in-one e-cigarettes. These models have enjoyed great popularity in recent times, so that they deserve a separate consideration here. With almost all devices in this class, the pod, which practically replaces the clearomizer here, can be separated from the battery or battery carrier. So the term “All-In-One” is not quite accurate. However, unlike clearomizers, the pods can usually only be combined with the associated battery, so they fall under this category. E-cigarette pods can have built-in or exchangeable heads, be open or closed, have an adjustable airflow or not – what the devices have in common is that they are small, portable and often very easy to use!

Open and closed e-cigarette systems

The most important criterion according to which pod systems are distinguished is the separation between open and closed systems. With closed e-cigarette systems, the pod cannot be refilled and is already pre-filled with liquid: it is attached and vaping can begin immediately. It’s that easy! Open systems are not pre-filled and refillable. They allow greater flexibility in terms of liquid selection.

Special case: vaping with squonker, e-pipes and co.

Not in their function, but all the more in their shape, e-cigarettes in pipe optics differ from all previously presented models. A replaceable battery is hidden in the bowl of the pipe. The clearomizer is integrated into the extended mouthpiece.

As already mentioned at the beginning: the development departments of the CAK manufacturers are of course working intensively on supplying the market with new innovations. In the meantime, the areas of overlap are also large: pod systems with freely adjustable power output exist as well as large, powerful e-cigarettes that are deliberately designed to be simple and are only controlled via the fire button. We can’t wait to see what new products await us in the coming years!

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