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What Are the Benefits of Nicotine Salts?

What Are the Benefits of Nicotine Salts

We hear a lot about Nicotine Salts, or “Nic Salt” in the world of vape. But what is nicotine salt? Why do we find more and more e-liquid with nicotine salts? If you are asking yourself this kind of question, it is time to take stock of nicotine salts.

Why nicotine salts?

Nicotine extracted naturally from the plant is an alkaloid. Mixed with an organic (benzoic) acid to form nicotine “salts”. This is the term used in chemistry. Nothing to do with cooking salt. Nicotine salts are not found in the form of crystals but the form of liquid.

This process’s advantage is obtaining nicotine with lower acidity than the nicotine usually used in e-liquids. It goes from a PH of 8 for the classic e-liquid to a PH of 5 to 6 for the nicotine salts. The result is a good nicotine e-liquid that does not cause any discomfort in the throat. At identical rates, vape comfort is opposed.

What is the benefit of nicotine salts?

The benefit is significant. Many vapers are dissatisfied with the hit (the sensation in the throat) caused by classic liquids with high nicotine content. As a result, the first-time vaper vapes four times more because he has insufficient nicotine. Either he gives up the electronic cigarette because the discomfort is too great. We understand the possible uses of nicotine salts.

Because the e-liquids with nicotine salts are fantastic to start the electronic cigarette, they bring the dose of nicotine that the former smoker asks for (the receptor cells of his brain, more precisely). The nicotine level in the form of salts may be higher since it does not cause discomfort. The state of satiety, therefore, arrives faster than with a classic e-liquid. The vaper no longer needs to “suckle” all day on his e-cig. He obtains satisfaction almost as quickly as with a cigarette. And it vapes less.

What’s the downside of nicotine salts?

Be careful, the e-liquids with nicotine salts are not a miracle product that will cure all the ailments of the smoker. First, the hit is less. If they bring comfort, the hit is also a key element sought by the first-time vaper. The hit exists but has nothing to do with a real cigarette. Then there is the price. Yes, an e-liquid with nicotine salts is more expensive to manufacture than a “normal” e-liquid.

However, we recommend this type of product for beginners because it satisfies the need for nicotine effectively, which is the most important thing. Then you have to consider the price by the low daily consumption of the e-liquid with nicotine salts.

How to vape liquids with nicotine salts?

When the first nicotine salt e-juice appeared, stores took their stocks of the first generation e-cigs out of their dusty boxes. Indeed these e-liquids are vaped with “small vape kits”, which also known as Pod kits. With the TPD vape regulation, nicotine salt levels of 20 mg maximum (in Europe), high resistances, 1.0Ω and more, used for vaping in indirect inhaling, are appropriate. With sub-ohm material designed for vapour production, the e-liquids with nicotine salts become unpleasant because the nicotine diffused is too strong. The vaper is suitable for good dizziness, temporary headaches, or unpleasant nausea.

That’s why we see pods everywhere. The vape manufacturer quickly adapted to this market and offered what is now called pods. There are so many pods or disposable vape you can find on the market, most of them are produced by factories who offer vape OEM service.

A little reminder about the pods

A pod is nothing but a battery with a tank, and a tank is the base of the e-cig. No need for enormous technical capacities to vape “Nic Salt”, so the manufacturers let go and offered us pods of all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is choose between the design and the battery life, possibly the capacity of the tank, which can sometimes exceed 2 ml.

This compact format is the second strength of the pod. And this concerns seasoned vapers, coil and DIY enthusiasts. Tired of big dual-battery setups? A race to do? Go hop, a small pod in the pocket and let’s go!

The pod does a good job when you’re afraid of running out of nicotine when you don’t want to clutter your hands with a “big” e-cig” when you want to remain discreet, and when you don’t want to annoy people in public with giant clouds of vapour. The cloud is not necessarily a well-accepted social act.

Who are nicotine salts for?

Suppose we summarize the use of e-liquids with nicotine salts. In that case, we observe that they are helpful for beginners, and also after having started, when we vape with 3 mg of e-liquid normally nicotine and when we are looking for a punctual troubleshooting solution. In the middle, implied in the middle of smoking cessation, the classic nicotine e liquids are more relevant because we are in an intermediate nicotine dosage (example: 6 mg/ml). Nicotine salts are no longer relevant.

Nicotine salts are certainly a good tool, but are they healthy?

A relatively new product on the vape market, it imposes a prominent technical and scientific look. For Konstantinos Farsalinos, the benzoic acids used to extract nicotine salts must be put under the microscope because it is a manufacturing process that is not harmless to health. “It’s an excellent idea; we are waiting to see if it will be properly carried out“.

In addition, each manufacturer has its manufacturing technique for its e liquids and, sometimes, it is a well-kept secret by specific manufacturers. We will know once and for all that these techniques do not present any danger to health until official tests are published.

In the USA, the CAKVAPE, Research and Innovation Center for the vape, is currently in a complete study on these new liquids. The results should appear in the coming months.

In the meantime, we can say that manufacturers are not embarking on the massive production of a new product, as we play poker: bluffing, without precautions or research and technical platforms upstream. The stakes are high, and the respectability card is the most valuable.

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