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What are e-cigarettes with POD systems?


POD systems: The comfortable entry-level devices for e-cigarette beginners

Above all, POD systems are one thing: The ideal entry ticket into the world of vaping for people who finally want to turn their backs on tobacco cigarettes. Because in order for the leap from smoker to vaper to be permanent, it is particularly important at the beginning that you choose an e-cigarette that is an adequate replacement for the fags, so that you can quickly feel a sense of achievement. POD systems are designed to mimic the usual process of smoking cigarettes as closely as possible, making the transition particularly comfortable and easy. Due to their light, compact design and the extremely uncomplicated handling, e-cigarettes with PODs are also an attractive alternative for experienced vapers on the go. In CAK article we would like to give you a comprehensive introduction to the smart little steam devices and explain the advantages and disadvantages they bring with them.

POD systems as a practical middle ground between disposable and professional devices

Disappointment and overwhelm are the most common reasons for a failed switch from smoke to vapor. Disposable e-cigarettes, so-called old-style cigalikes, which you can get from time to time at gas stations or in the tobacco shop around the corner, are simple to use, but with their cheap design and very small batteries, they often do not meet the expectations with which they are made be bought. The same applies to vape pens, narrow e-cigarettes in the shape of a pen, which are offered by various manufacturers. Although these can be refilled and recharged, they don’t have much else to offer. High-quality, powerful steam devices, which according to the manufacturer are also suitable for beginners, are far too complex for many people who want to switch. People who previously only had to light a paper roll stuffed with tobacco suddenly have to deal with wattage, resistance and an adjustable airflow and can’t cope.

At this point, POD systems take an advantageous middle ground, as they combine the beginner-friendly properties of both variants: They bring the simplicity of a cigalike with them, but offer convincing vaping performance and have a rechargeable battery with enough capacity for several hours of vaping pleasure. In addition, the small, light steam generators are available in many different colors and shapes, so that everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

Structure and function of POD systems

E-cigarettes with PODs are modern all-in-one devices and usually have everything you need for vaping with them. Nothing has to be set or selected here, the operation is almost self-explanatory: The small depots for the liquid, so-called PODs, either come ready-filled or you can fill them up with vapor juice yourself. The highlight: The vaporizer unit is built into the POD, so you just have to put it on the battery carrier. It’s ready to go. If the POD is empty, it is simply exchanged for a new one. This means that you always have a fresh vaporizer at the start and can easily switch between different flavors in between by simply swapping out the PODs. Ready-filled depots can be bought with or without nicotine. Here you have a limited selection of popular flavors to choose from. The nicotine-containing liquid in the ready-to-use PODs also has the reputation of being particularly well tolerated, as it contains so-called nicotine salts. You can find out exactly what that is here.

Note: Of course it is possible to use PODs several times for self-filling. As soon as you notice a different taste or it no longer vapes properly, it’s time for a new POD.

The comfortable automatic train

Similar to disposable cigarette-shaped devices or vape pens, many POD devices have an automatic draw. This means: As soon as you draw on your e-cigarette, the power supply is activated and liquid is converted into vapor, which you can then inhale. This is very similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. This makes it easier for future ex-smokers to get used to the new stimulant. But there are also POD systems with the tried and tested power button.

Typically, POD systems are designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which is the puff used by most smokers. You can read more about the different puffing techniques for e-cigarettes here.

The small devices thus produce a moderate amount of vapor, giving you a nice taste and a pleasant nicotine flash. But you won’t be able to fog the pedestrian zone with it.

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POD systems – pros and cons of the small vape makers

Of course, all categories of vaping solutions have their upsides and downsides. We have summarized what speaks for and against the ultra-light e-cigarettes for you here. Which of these points are decisive for your assessment of the POD systems is of course up to you.


Simplicity: Probably the greatest advantage of the small steam devices is their extremely high level of user-friendliness, which they owe to their simple structure. There are no power settings or adjustable features. The device does not have to be disassembled to replace atomizer heads or to refill liquid. With POD systems with an automatic draw, you don’t even have to press a button to vape. You simply click the cartridges with the liquid onto the battery carrier. If a POD is empty or no longer vapes satisfactorily, it will be replaced with a new one.

Size and weight: POD systems score with small dimensions and are real lightweights. This makes it the ideal vape companion for on the go, which is why even advanced vapers like to use it. They fit in any shirt or trouser pocket and weigh not much more than a fountain pen.

No leaking liquid: While the good old vape pens and some standard tanks have to struggle with leaking liquid, which also causes other problems, such as e.g. B. sticky vacuum switch for the automatic train, users of modern POD systems are spared. Correctly filled and closed, the practical cartridges are almost leak-proof.

Sufficient battery capacity: Older generation cigalikes and vape pens usually had batteries with a maximum of 180 mAh. That might be enough for a few cigarette breaks and a few trains on the go, but not much more. The batteries of current POD systems last significantly longer. With a capacity of 300 – 700 mAh, several hours of steaming pleasure are provided.


Small capacity: With a small device there is of course less space for the liquid. The cartridges, especially small models, often hold less than 1 ml of liquid, even with larger PODs 2 ml is the limit. An average sized tank evaporator holds about twice that. So there’s no harm in always having a few extra PODs with you.

Comparatively low battery capacity: As now, didn’t we mention the sufficient battery capacity as an advantage above? However! But outstanding was never mentioned. The small e-cigarettes simply cannot keep up with a 1000 mAh standard BoxMod. People who like to vape a lot on the go should therefore consider getting a power bank or a second device.

More waste: Since the vaporizers are built into the cartridges of POD systems, they have to be replaced when the vapor stops. PODs that cannot be refilled must be discarded once empty, although the vaporizer may still be functional. This creates more waste than a conventional prefabricated coil evaporator, where only a small component, namely the evaporator head, has to be changed.


The simple structure, the intuitive usability and the handy, lightweight design make POD systems the ideal entry-level devices for people who want to get to know the world of e-cigarettes, but do not yet dare to use a sophisticated standard device with an evaporator and BoxMod.

Die-hard cloud hunters will probably not be able to be lured out from behind their powerful smoke machines. Vapers who like to have full control over their vaping pleasure and want to adjust output power, temperature, airflow and liquid supply to their personal needs will probably not be happy with a POD system either.

Experienced vaporizers who are looking for a small e-cigarette for on the go or an uncomplicated second device can have a lot of fun with the lightweight vaporizers. They bring enough power to create nice clouds of vapor, which also ensures a good taste and a noticeable nicotine flash. The battery capacity is sufficient for several hours of steam fun.

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