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We Refuse to Provide Vaping Products to Youth Under the Age of 21

The adverse effects of smoking are a major public health problem worldwide. From head to toe, from cancer to fatal disease, smoking habits cause at least 25 diseases in the human body. In addition, smoking will harm not only the smoker but also the people around, which is passive smoking. 

Chewing gum was created in 1971 as a smoking substitute for submarine crews as a form of nicotine addiction. Today, the emergence of electronic cigarettes represents one more way to quit smoking.

The presence of e-cigarettes in the United States is now familiar. Various brands are widely spread to all walks of life. From 2006 to 2007, electronic cigarettes entered the era of Europe and the United States and then went to the world. In 2012, the user data of American teens were twice as high as in 2011.

Essentially, e-cigarettes can help active smokers quit smoking or be an alternative to cigarettes with lower risk levels.

The existence of freely sold electronic cigarettes is one of the concerns not to be missed. Of course, you can easily get free e-cigarettes to buy, but we at CAK VAPE now declares that if you are younger than 21 years old, we will refuse to serve you, and we do not want you to stay on our site for too long.

Currently facing a worldwide problem of vaping abuse among youth under 21, it’s unfair to those who see it as a tool to help quit smoking. A landmark study published in October 2020 by the Cochrane Review found that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are more effective for smokers seeking to quit than other products such as nicotine patches or chewing gum. “If you know what vaping is like in other countries, like the UK and New Zealand, their governments have passed specific vaping laws to regulate the use of the product and even impose different regulations on vaping than traditional cigarettes. This has reduced the inferior vaping products on the market to a certain extent. This is based on evidence that e-cigarette smoking has relatively low risks,” he explained. However, the consumer market will remain unregulated without proper guidance on manufacturing standards and accurate information on e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking cessation. E-cigarette manufacturing standards will protect worldwide vapers from poor-quality vape devices and e-juices. This is not what our factory wants to say. As one of the leading vape manufacturers, we hope the government will formulate corresponding laws and regulations to further protect consumers from inferior products and e-liquids and ensure that e-cigarette products are not sold to minors. In addition, responsible regulation will ensure that cigarette products are not sold to unauthorized persons.

Some countries have already prepared laws and regulations regarding this type of e-cigarette. Some countries, like Austria, Denmark, Finland, and some states in the US, treat e-cigarettes as medical/pharmaceuticals (with all the associated regulations) because they contain nicotine and ensure their quality and safety.

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