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Vaping: The Misunderstood Articles and Latest U.S. Research

60 Million consumers recently published an article on 6 misconceptions about vaping. And that gave us the idea of ​​responding concretely to others.

“Vaping is as risky as smoking” – FALSE.

The United Kindom is one of the vaping-friendly countries. Here you can find many vape brands; most of them are produced by vape manufacturers offering vape OEM services.The vape significantly reduces the risks associated with smoking by 95%, according to the British Ministry of Health, after analyzing the Public Health England report published in 2015.

Not being smoked, the e-cigarette produces neither fine solid particles, tar, nor carbon monoxide. Vaping is a change of state, the passage of a body from a liquid form to a gaseous state.

“You should avoid vaping and smoking at the same time” – TRUE

According to the National Cancer Institute, vaping is a tool for reducing the risks associated with smoking only when the total cessation of smoking accompanies it. Vaping and smoking simultaneously, in other words, vaping, should be a temporary step towards weaning.

It is the total duration of your smoking that determines the risks. Smoking even 2 cigarettes a day is dangerous for your health.

“We’re always pulling on e-cigarette” – TRUE

The kinetics, the time that nicotine will take to be absorbed by your body, is entirely different between a cigarette and an e-cigarette. When you smoke, you take a shot of nicotine in 7 seconds, while with the vape, it’s 20 minutes. This is why to satisfy your body with nicotine; you need to have your e-cigarette in hand more frequently than your cigarette.

“You cannot combine vaping and nicotine substitutes” – FALSE.

If your nicotine intake is insufficient, you can combine the vape with other nicotine substitutes such as patches. Tobacco specialist Anne-Laurence Le Faou states, “The electronic cigarette provides a nicotine peak like oral nicotine substitutes. (..) This leads the person to very often pull on the electronic cigarette but may be insufficient to allow the complete cessation of smoking.”

“The vape, a gateway to smoking” – FALSE.

According to the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT) study entitled “Uses of e-cigarettes among French adolescents aged 17“, young people mostly experience tobacco first.

Cardiovascular health: vapers on the same footing

A new American study proves that vaping is good for the hearts of former vaping smokers. To do this, They compared their cardiovascular health to non-smokers who have never touched an electronic cigarette.

Smokers improve their cardiovascular capacity by becoming vapers.

This is not the first time that studies have shown that vaping significantly reduces the cardiovascular risks associated with smoking. In a previous article, we saw that e-cigs reduce arterial stiffness when a smoker switches to e-cigs.

A reassuring new American study

Conducted by Boston University, this new American study proves that cardiovascular health between a vaper and a non-vaper who is also a non-smoker remains similar. Published by the American Heart Association in several scientific journals, it is based on data dating from 2013/2014 from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH), a national representative longitudinal cohort study in the USA.

Using inflammation and oxidative stress as biomarkers, embodying significant factors in the onset of cardiovascular pathologies, Andrew C Stokes’ team of researchers observed 7,130 participants classified into four groups for 30 days: 58, 6% non-vapers and non-smokers, 1.9% exclusive vapers, 29.6% exclusive smokers, and 9.9% vape-smokers using both products.

They were also questioned about their identity and lifestyle habits: sex, age, BMI, detailed history (heart attack, stroke), consumption of drugs or other substances or if they are prone to passively inhaling steam. Or smoke in their private and professional sphere.

The contradictory scientific and political conclusions

From this analysis, the researchers conclude: “In this nationally representative population study of adults, we observed no difference in inflammatory and oxidative stress biomarkers between exclusive e-cigarette users and users (no cigarettes or vaping), and levels were lower in exclusive e- cigarette users relative to exclusive smokers”.

Given the lack of difference between a person who has never smoked or vaped and a vaper, the researchers believe that it would be fundamental to highlight vaping more in public health policy.

Yet, in the land of Uncle Sam, the new American president provides for the outright ban on vaping.

But it would certainly not prohibit the sale of tobacco; it would be far too dangerous for the finances. Remember, the United States is the fourth country producing the most tobacco globally.

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