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Vaping: Poor Taste Issue

Vaping: Poor Taste Issue

Today we will focus on a phenomenon that some of you vapers may have fallen victim to. You have finally found your favourite flavour in the colourful and far-reaching world of e-cigarette liquids. You can vape it extensively and with pleasure because suddenly, it no longer tastes like anything, and your tongue is punished with numbness.

Liquid tastes like nothing

There are various causes and symptoms of different gradations on this topic. On the one hand, after several weeks of vaping the same liquid, the taste you were once so overwhelmed and enthusiastic about no longer may appeal to you, and you no longer taste it and move. Changing to a new liquid helps here; the world is open to you. If you’ve tried a few different flavours and liquids, you might like the old ones too. Some vapers swear by menthol liquids to neutralize the taste.

Tongue numb from vaping

If you suddenly don’t like your favourite liquid anymore, it can be depressing, but far more annoying is a general numbness of the tongue, with which no liquid offers any more taste; everything tastes somehow like base. In such a case, you are most likely punished with a so-called vapers tongue. This condition is usually temporary and usually does not require medical attention. However, if your tongue hurts or burns badly, you should consult a doctor to be on the safe side, which is extremely rare.

Vapers tongue or vapers nose?

When the liquid no longer tastes good, one always speaks of the vape tongue, but the nose also plays a very important role in taste perception. For example, dishes and drinks sometimes taste like nothing or only very weakly if you have a bad cold. The situation is similar to the e-cigarette; if the nose is blocked, the liquid does not taste intense or tastes like nothing.

Acute vapers tongue symptoms, what to do?

If possible, this problem should be nipped in the bud. Here is a list of simple tips and tricks to quickly get the full taste back in the e-cigarette if changing the liquid didn’t help. If the problem of the vapers tongue is a sensitive topic for you right now, you should act as soon as possible. It probably has less to do with the e-stick itself, such as the Eleaf iStick Pico Set.

Quit smoking: Even today, there are still vapers who also smoke classic tobacco cigarettes. Since tobacco consumption severely impairs the sense of taste, smoking should only be done electrically since there are also significantly fewer harmful substances in e-vapour. Authentic tobacco liquids also make it easier to switch to e-vaping.

Oral hygiene can also greatly affect the perception of taste; mouthwash and tongue cleaner can also be used for proper dental care, which can often work wonders if the e-cigarette no longer tastes good.

Prevent the vapers tongue

Of course, you want to avoid suffering from a vape tongue, especially in the long term, so you can integrate these rituals into your lifestyle to always consume your e-cigarette with a unique and full taste, whether as a cheek vape or lung vape.

Vapers can still learn a lot from restaurant testers, whose sense of taste must always function perfectly due to their job. To neutralize the taste, suck on a lemon, which is known to cleanse all taste buds, or smell fresh coffee beans, which often works wonders.

In addition, drinking plenty of water (in moderation!) is generally healthy and helps cleanse the taste buds and prevent hydration.

Cleaning the e-cigarette regularly and clearing out expired liquids is a must for great taste and disgusting vaping.

Some medications can also lead to a restriction or loss of taste, so always read the package insert.

Liquid tastes burnt

If the e-cigarette tastes charred, it has nothing to do with our taste buds. In such a case, there are usually application or technical errors. After filling the tank, you should always wait a while until the cotton can soak up the delicious taste. Sometimes a burnt taste is also due to worn heating wires that need to be replaced from time to time. There is often insufficient liquid in the tank, and you have to refill the e-cigarette.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you can prevent the dreaded vape tongue and enjoy the joy of vaping much more relaxed.

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