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Vaping or Driving You Have to Choose!

The law says it is forbidden to smoke in a car in the presence of a minor, but what about vaping? Follow me with this question.

Smoking while driving

The law is very clear on the fact of smoking in a car: it is authorized, but it is forbidden for all the occupants of a vehicle to smoke in the presence of a minor.

Smoking in a car in the presence of a minor is punishable by a fine of up to $750. Typically, this is a fine of $135.

So you can smoke while driving (even if we prefer that you vape) if you are between adults, or alone, as long as it does not interfere with your maneuver or your visibility, in accordance with article R 412-6 of the Traffic Laws. Accidents are most often due to ashes falling on pants, or when you want to light your cigarette or put it out in old ashtrays. Because manufacturers have removed them, but it tends to come back because of drivers who throw their cigarette butts still burning out the window! Fortunately, we don’t do the same thing with disposable electronic cigarettes…

Vaping while driving

We are on a vaping site, so we are also going to talk about vaping… To date, there is no law on vaping while driving! Contrary to what some sites claim, it is not forbidden to vape in the presence of a minor, nor to vape while driving. We just fall back into the text which stipulates that you have to stay focused, free to move and with good visibility.

handling while driving

In fact, you can get arrested if you manipulate your e cig while driving, because it will catch a glimpse of your gestures. It will thus be necessary to avoid recharging, changing the battery or making an adjustment. As with any other device, distraction is prohibited and the fine will be at the discretion of the police officer.

Tips for vaping while driving safely

If you can’t do without vaping while driving, or for long journeys, it’s best to plan ahead. Thus, you can opt for our First with its good autonomy, small automatic pods, e liquids with nicotine salts to vape for less time or disposable puffs for example.

The key is to be less often distracted and to have one or two products fully charged and ready to use, for a safe journey.

And you, do you use your electronic cigarette while driving?

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