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Vaping Is Not Tobacco

Vaping Is Not Tobacco

In this article, we would like to bring you closer to a political topic that is also very important to us – the Vaping is NOT Tobacco initiative. If you are a passionate vaper, you should read this article thoroughly – because the e-cigarette faces many hurdles.

What is the Vaping is NOT Tobacco campaign?

April 30, 2019, is an essential date for all vapers because on this day, the pan-European citizens’ initiative “An intelligent regulation for vaping” was founded in Brussels, and the associated campaign “Vaping is NOT Tobacco” was launched.

What is this about?

Very easily. Under the umbrella of the Vaping is NOT Tobacco campaign, the citizens’ initiative wants to achieve better regulation of e-cigarettes. However, regulation sounds negative at first, but don’t worry! Currently, e-cigarettes and conventional tobacco cigarettes are regulated by standard guidelines in the EU. As a result, e-cigarettes are treated just as strictly as tobacco cigarettes, despite their (demonstrably) lower health impact.

Pretty unfair, right?

That’s precisely what Dustin Dahlmann and Mosè Giacomello, the founders of the initiative “An intelligent regulation for vaping,” thought. The two main concerns are repealing Article 20 of Directive 2014/40/EU (external link) and differentiating between e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes.

How does Vaping is NOT Tobacco communicate?

The most important thing about the initiative is the Europe-wide network. The entire campaign includes members from eight different EU countries. This international collaboration shows that vapers across Europe are dissatisfied with the current regulations.

The campaign organizers are using various methods to get their concerns across to European citizens: On the one hand, Dahlmann and Giacomello repeatedly speak to the press; on the other hand, they are increasingly relying on online advertising in the form of banners. In addition, all possible vaper portals are spreading the campaign’s message like wildfire.

Criticism of the citizens’ initiative

Even if we are completely convinced of the campaign, it is not our goal to chew an opinion on you. Instead, we look at the whole thing objectively and don’t want to withhold criticism of the campaign from you: Of the €35,000 starting capital for the citizens’ initiative, €10,000 came from the tobacco company Imperial Brands. However, the campaign spokesperson spoke up on the issue and clarified that this support did not pose a conflict of interest as it would not alter or jeopardize the initiative’s stated goals.

Be part of the initiative

The initiative for the new way of dealing with e-cigarettes is important for all vapers, as this could bring significant relief for both the vape manufacturer and for you as a consumer. However, for the initiative to be successful, supporters are needed first.

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