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Vaping FAQs: The Heavy Metals and Addiction to Non Somkers

Today we are going to answer two questions: Can non-smokers become addicted? And whether or not the e-cigarettes caused excessive heavy metals.

Based on the evidence, I can tell you the good news. The heavy metals inhaled by e-cigarettes will not create cancer cells and will not become addicted to non-smokers.

This is not my favoured method of specifying it. Let me show you the evidence listed below. These claims utilize the assumption of many individuals: e-cigarettes are additionally smoking; if they are not addicted to smoking, they will usually look for even more enchanting cigarettes.

So what is the fact like?

Jacques Le Houezec, a neuroscientist at France’s National Institute of Medicine, thoroughly evaluated the survey info on e-cigarettes launched by the European Union and stated that only 0.09% of e-cigarette users have never smoked in the past.

However, federal governments worldwide truly emphasize its impact on young people under 21. For instance, the FDA recently announced a flavour ban to prevent youngsters from becoming addicted to e-cigarettes, which is reported by major media in the United States. But whether e-cigarettes can lead to addiction among teenagers is still controversial.

Four depictive study studies of youngsters in the UK in 2014 exposed that 8% of youths had attempted e-cigarettes at least one time in the past. But only 2% of them frequently use e-cigarettes; most of them have been smokers in the past. In research of 9,000 11- to 16-year-olds in Wales, only 54 non-smokers had constantly used e-cigarettes.

Outside the UK, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) surveyed 33,000 individuals in 10 senior high schools in Los Angeles; 7% of the respondents said they use e-cigarettes at least once. Yet when they began the study taking into consideration a population of 2,530 never-used cigarettes, only 8.7 per cent of them had tried e-cigarettes.

Some said vaping could expose the user to toxic heavy metals. Is it true?

The claim that the heavy metals in e-cigarettes exceed the standard mainly comes from a paper by Johns Hopkins University. Prof Konstantinos Farsalinos of Patra University and Brad Rodu of Louisville University reviewed the report. After a careful study of the article, they found that the Johns Hopkins researchers had miscalculated the daily consumption of e-juice, and that led to the wrong conclusion. They could only be correct if the vapers inhale at least 24 hours a day. That’s impossible. People breathe about 17,000 times a day, and according to the surveys, the average e-juice consumption among long-time vapers is about 600 puffs a day.

So do these 600 puffs a day result in excessive heavy metal intake? They conducted experiments on the heavy metals caused by e-cigarettes using the internationally acknowledged three heavy metal safety and security standards and afterwards generated the complying table.

The table shows the heavy metals caused by e-cigarettes: aluminium, chromium, cadmium, copper, lead, iron, nickel, and more. The researchers found that even using the highest level of heavy metal calculated in the Johns Hopkins paper; it is nearly impossible to inhale excess heavy metals through e-cigarettes.

Let’s have a look at the far-right column of the table. You can only inhale an excess amount of aluminium when using 1.5 million grams of e-liquid. 15,000 grams of e-liquid to break the safety standard of cadmium, 588 grams for copper, and 135 grams for lead. Among the most budget plan is nickel, which also requires you to use 17 grams of e-liquid in a single day to reach the limit.

What is the concept of smoking 17 grams of e-liquid a day? Let’s say you use a pod kit with a 2.0ml cartridge. That means you must refill the pod with e-liquid 7 times daily.

As a professional vape manufacturer, we have gotten in contact with a large number of vapers. It is uncommon to smoke 2-3 pods a day. The person who smokes 7 pods should have the capacity to win the Guinness World Record.

We can wrap up so far that it is impossible to consume too many heavy metals from vaping.

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