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Vaping Completely without Nicotine

Vaping Completely without Nicotine

If you compare the sales of e-liquids with a high nicotine content of up to 20mg/ml with those containing 0% nicotine, it can be seen very quickly that liquids without nicotine are bought less frequently. However, there is also a development, especially among long-time vapers, towards e-juice with less nicotine. The regulations of the EU have also contributed to this trend, which, for example, have ensured that mixtures with more than 20mg/ml of nicotine are no longer freely available in stores. But the legal requirements are far from everything regarding what factors influence vaper preferences. Advanced technology has also contributed to this. More advanced devices are significantly better at vaporizing nicotine, effectively creating vapor with higher nicotine content. But even without technological advances, it seems like vapers are slowly moving towards lower nicotine mixes over time. In this post, we want to take a closer look at nicotine-free vaping. We take a look at the effect of cutting out nicotine. We also examine what types of vapers are interested in this vape option and how to reduce their nicotine needs.

E-liquid Without Nicotine – These Are The Effects

Nicotine is neither tasteless nor without effect, which is why you have different experiences when vaping than with high-proof mixtures. Even if the taste is of course subjective and everyone has probably had a different experience with their individually preferred mixing ratio, there are still some points of agreement. Many vapers had reported that nicotine has a peppery taste to them, especially when they were previously used to a mix with significantly less nicotine. Others say they even think nicotine can adulterate or mask other flavors in e-liquid. While this is most likely true, a real problem only arises when the nicotine levels are very high. Nicotine also affects the throat hit. In one of our last posts, we already explained how this scratchy feeling in the throat occurs and what causes it. Many vapers report a satisfying feeling when such a scratchy throat develops, and higher levels of nicotine can increase the throat hit. For many ex-smokers who have just switched to e-cigarettes, this scratch is desirable simply because it is reminiscent of the cigarette sensation. If you change the nicotine strength, you inevitably change the throat hit. More nicotine means a stronger, biting sensation when smoking, while e-liquids with little or no nicotine hardly have a noticeable scratchy sensation. For many vapers, it’s all about finding a balance.

On the one hand, you want a pleasant throat hit, while on the other hand, you don’t want to spoil the taste experience when vaping. You also have to experiment with the nicotine content. From our experience as retailers, we can say that many new vapers use a liquid with a lot of nicotine because they want exactly that throat hit. The more experienced vapers, on the other hand, are much more likely to choose a lower-strength liquid because they are more concerned about taste.

Does the e-cigarette affect the nicotine content?

Anyone who has looked around in an e-cigarette shop, whether on-site or in an online shop hardly matters, will quickly notice that e-cigarettes are available in every size and color. There are special entry-level products, but also those that are technically more advanced. Some devices with modifications and even sub-ohm atomizers are useful for more efficient use of nicotine, for example. Compared to the small e-cigarettes, which are more reminiscent of the tobacco version, these are designed more expansively and chunkily. Studies have shown that vapers, in particular, who modify their device tend not to want to do without nicotine. Nicotine usually only plays a minor role if you use an evaporator that looks very similar to a conventional cigarette. This is also reflected in a direct technology comparison. The modified and more complex devices delivered significantly more nicotine to the vaper simultaneously. This shows very well that it is not just the nicotine content in the liquid that matters; in the end, the device itself also determines how much nicotine is absorbed during vaping.

Who Uses E-liquid Without Nicotine?

Not every vaper uses e-liquid without nicotine. Even those who want to fight their nicotine addiction and gradually break the habit then resort to mixtures that contain very little of this addictive substance. However, some categories of vapers prefer 0% nicotine liquids.

For casual vapers

Casual vapers often have never smoked before and have never developed an addiction to nicotine. They vape because, among other things, they like the social aspect and enjoy vaping with friends. For those who don’t feel a craving for nicotine, there is no reason to use a liquid with nicotine.

For vape tricks

If you want to perform certain tricks with the vapor, such as blowing steam rings or performing other well-known tricks, nicotine can be a hindrance. Instead, an e-liquid mixture with a particularly high proportion of VG (vegetable glycerine) is required. But even during the practice of the figures, nicotine can develop to the detriment. You inhale a lot of vapor anyway, and if nicotine is absorbed with every puff, it can quickly become uncomfortable. So if you frequently perform tricks, you should avoid nicotine in your vapor.

For People After Nicotine Withdrawal

When ex-smokers switch to e-cigarettes, many of them have a desire to give up nicotine long-term. You might start with an e-liquid high in nicotine and slowly move down to lower and lower levels until you reach 0%. However, such withdrawal can also prove difficult.

How To Stop Nicotine Slowly

Many use e-cigarettes to gradually wean themselves off and use less and less nicotine over time. However, this plan does not work in every case, and as a smoker, you should pay attention to a few things if you want to use e-cigarettes for nicotine withdrawal. For example, if your ambitions are too high and you reduce the nicotine content in too big steps, you will quickly be confronted with strong cravings and withdrawal decisions. The body craves some addictive satisfaction and often the throat hit that comes with consuming nicotine vapor. Many ex-smokers are quickly thrown off track and prematurely lose interest in e-cigarettes as a form of nicotine replacement therapy. Before you know it, you end up back with the conventional cigarette with all its health risks, and the next attempt at withdrawal is a long way off. Reducing the nicotine content too quickly can also ensure that you reach for the e-cigarette much more often and, in this way, try to achieve a hit. The effect is not only that you absorb more or, at best, just as much nicotine, but also a significant increase in costs because you need a lot of juice. If you’re just starting, it can make a lot of strategic sense to buy e-liquids in a few different strengths directly, to try each one and see which one you get along with best. It is important to remember that it is not just the nicotine strength that makes a difference. The device also has an impact on how satisfying the vaping experience is.

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