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Vaping: Common Questions for Beginners

Vaping: Common Questions for Beginners

Why switch to electronic cigarettes?

Because you are a smoker and want to free yourself from addiction to tobacco and cigarettes, if you don’t smoke, don’t vape.

Are e-cigarettes more harmful than tobacco?

Unlike cigarettes, there is no tar production or combustion produced when you are vaping. However, it is combustion that is responsible for the toxicity of conventional cigarettes, according to Pr. Dautzenberg, a pulmonologist, electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

Do we not know what is in electronic cigarettes?

This is a received idea that mainly concerns the composition of e-liquids. We know perfectly well what an e-cigarette and the liquid are made of. The law imposes in the USA precise labeling, especially for liquids. Vape manufacturer and sellers provide the complete description for each product on their site. In the vape store, just ask the seller.

What are the benefits of vaping for my health?

After a few days, a vaper finds his breath, appetite, taste, and complexion is less gray. Chronic respiratory diseases are decreasing. However, liquids with nicotine remain prohibited for pregnant women.

What are the advantages of vaping compared to other nicotine substitutes?

According to experts, doctors, and addictologists, vaping is more effective than drug substitutes for long-term withdrawal (see the report on the Reduction of Risks and Harms of April 2016 published by the French Federation of Addictology). At best, the use of electronic cigarettes is observed as a means of significantly reducing nicotine. At worst, it is considered by some experts as a complementary means to quit smoking.

Are vaping harmful to those around me?

Although the subject is still debated, many recent studies show the absence of nicotine or other toxic products in the vapor inhaled by a vaper, unlike cigarette smoke. See here and here.

Is the E-cigarette a means of quitting the classic cigarette?

It would not be honest to claim that e-cigarette is the most effective way to quit smoking. However, more and more studies demonstrate its effectiveness for risk reduction (cf. the report on the Reduction of Risks and Harms of April 2016 published by the French Federation of Addictology). With an electronic cigarette, nicotine is not combustion like other products. The risks are reduced by 95%, according to some experts. Finally, many vapers testify to their reduction or complete cessation of cigarettes after switching to electronic cigarettes.

Which vape kit should I buy to start?

The model that best suits your needs is the one that will give you the sensation of smoking with a natural sensation in the throat (the hit) while bringing you the pleasure of vaporizing and enjoying the tastes of e liquids. We suggest using a pod kit if you are new to vaping.

I am lost in the number of models of vape kits. What criteria are necessary for my choice?

What do you expect from an e-cigarette? Have a sensation in the throat (the hit)? A pleasant taste in the mouth? Produce steam? The answer to this question will guide your choice of kit and liquid.

Can I vape anywhere?

As part of the TPD vape regulation, it has been forbidden since January 2016 to vape in the workplace and certain public places where the regulations stipulate it (public transport, for example). The legislation is still quite vague, but the ban on vaping in all covered public places should arrive in 2023.

Are e-cigarettes more expensive than tobacco?

The answer depends on the frequency of use of electronic cigarettes. Indeed, after purchasing the vape kit, it is necessary to consider the purchase of the consumables, which come down to the liquids and the pod, which wears out during vaping. The amount of liquid and the speed at which the resistance within the pod will wear out depends on using the vaper’s electronic cigarette. 

Can tobacco and e-cigarettes be reconciled?

When a person smokes and vapes, they are said to be vapor-smokers. Electronic cigarettes limit the harmful effects of e-cigarettes but, indeed, not the effects of tobacco. The classic cigarette sends an immediate “shot” of nicotine to the body, which the e-cigarette does not, and it takes several minutes. This is why it is advisable for the beginner to vape as soon as the feeling of withdrawal is felt. And above all, to vape for longer than when smoking a cigarette. It is essential to have a liquid with a high nicotine level of> 12mg/ml.

What liquid should I buy to start?

The most important thing is to have the nicotine level you need. Do not hesitate to use a rate higher than 12 mg/ml even if you smoke little. The choice of flavors is up to you, but, often, the beginner turns to tobacco flavors which is logical. It is better to start with simple, easily recognizable tastes. You can consult our guide on e-liquid for more information on this page.

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