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Vapers Tongue: Everything You Should Know

Vapers Tongue

Many vapers have seen this symptom before. They unsuspectingly vape with their favorite flavor, and suddenly they don’t like it anymore. In the worst case, they might taste nothing and numb the tongue. In this case, you suffer from the well-known problem of the vapers tongue. But don’t panic! As a rule, there is no serious and, above all, no lasting problem behind it. With a few tips, you can declare war on the vapers tongue and ensure that the desired taste returns. We have summarized all tips and information regarding the vapers tongue below.

What is vapers tongue?

The term vapers tongue is used for a whole range of symptoms. As a rule, with a vapers tongue, the tongue can no longer perceive individual tastes as such. Most of the time, this not only extends to the taste of vapor but also beyond. In this case, vapers perceive drinks and food of all kinds as tasteless or unpleasant. The less taste you suddenly perceive, the greater the risk here. In this case, in addition to classic dehydration, a vitamin deficiency or serious illnesses can also be the causes. In most cases, however, it is only a short-term problem that will resolve itself with a little fluid intake and over time. Throughout this post, however, we’ll share a few more tips on how to speed up this process.

How the sense of taste works

The adult human tongue has between 2,000 and 10,000 taste buds. If you are at the upper end of the spectrum here, you have an excellent sense of taste. As a rule, however, the number of these little helpers decreases with age. For example, the different number of taste buds in different people is why some people can’t tell the difference between two e-liquids, while others have a clear favorite. The sensory cells of taste buds in the mouth undergo a process, regularly dying off but always reproducing, decreasing with age. Normally, the individual sensory cells of the buds last between 10 and 14 days. The five well-known tastes can be perceived: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami (a savory taste).

The influence of the nose

Although the tongue is covered with thousands upon thousands of taste buds, our sense of smell plays a major role in how things taste. Only the combination of smell and taste results in the aroma of food, drink, or even steam in our head. In science, this has often been used as an opportunity for tests in which people with a blocked nose were asked about the taste of certain foods or drinks and then had great difficulty differentiating. It can be established that the sense of taste is also significantly restricted without smell. Vapers can also test this in a self-experiment. They quickly realize the difference by testing the taste of their favorite food or their favorite liquid, sometimes without restrictions and sometimes with their nose pinched.

A psychological factor

Tastes are not set in stone. Everyone knows that some tastes change with age. What you didn’t like as a child may even become your favorite dish as an adult. Various factors are responsible for this. If you have tried a certain food, for example, in the context of an illness or were biased because of its popularity, the taste can be distorted. It is precisely our expectations that determine the effect of a taste on our brain. But what does this mean for vapers? Does the expensive e-liquid only taste so good because you told yourself it did, maybe just because of the pretty packaging? Does the favorite taste perhaps have more psychological than biological reasons?

Possible causes of vapers tongue


Dehydration is a particularly compelling reason for the vapers tongue. Other symptoms of acute dehydration include headaches, mouth pain or a generally dry mouth, weakness and tiredness, and dark urine. With water and the intake of salt and electrolytes, you should be able to counteract this effect.

dryness in the mouth

Too little saliva in the mouth leads to an unpleasant feeling of dryness. This is a problem for several reasons. Among other things, saliva protects the oral cavity from dangerous bacteria, which have an easier time with increasing dryness. With increasing age, however, this dry mouth can be observed more frequently. The sense of taste can also suffer from this. Our advice – In this case, an additional fluid intake can provide an initial remedy.

stress and anxiety

Even anxiety, such as panic attacks, can negatively affect the taste. So if you feel a difference in certain tastes, you should first ask yourself whether you are under increased stress at the moment. In some cases, the function of the taste buds is reduced during acute stress. You breathe more through your mouth, which generally affects or changes the taste. Acid reflux must also be named as a cause here.

Damaged taste buds

Unfortunately, our taste buds can be damaged for a variety of reasons. Such damage can then also result in the symptom of the vapers tongue. Damaged taste buds are caused, for example, by diseases, smoking, particularly spicy or sour food, alcohol, or medication. This damage can usually heal on its own. With increasing age, however, the taste buds’ ability to regenerate also suffers. In the worst case, permanent damage to the sense of taste remains. Losing your sense of taste should therefore not be taken lightly. If such numbness is observed, you should give your tongue two weeks. That’s how long it takes for the sensory cells in the taste buds to renew themselves. If there is still no noticeable improvement, the vapers tongue’s cause may be found elsewhere.

Just quit smoking

Especially for vapers who also smoke on the side, the cigarette can be a cause of the annoying vape tongue. Smoking damages the taste buds and also the sense of smell. Usually, however, these unpleasant effects subside once a person stops smoking. Just a few weeks after switching to e-cigarettes, most vapers notice that they can smell and taste much better. Normally, however, vapers tongue refers to the sudden loss of taste, which is why smoking can only be a cause in exceptional cases.

drug use

Many medications cause a whole range of side effects when they are taken. The sense of taste can also suffer from many. Examples are thyroid medication, high blood pressure tablets such as Captopril, various antibiotics, penicillin, lithium, and drugs used in chemotherapy or to fight cancer. If you suffer from the typical vapers tongue while at the same time consuming the corresponding medication, these can be triggers for it.

Stuffy nose

We have already mentioned that an impairment of the sense of smell can also negatively affect the taste. If you suffer from a stuffy nose because the mucous membranes are swollen due to a cold, your sense of taste will also be affected. Complex flavors, in particular, are now perceived less intensively.

Other diseases

While blocked noses are a relatively obvious reason for bad taste, they are not the only cause. In addition to the flu and the classic cold, other diseases can also cause such symptoms. Mention should be made here of mouth and general head injuries, vitamin or mineral deficiencies (e.g., B12 and zinc), Alzheimer’s, or gingivitis. Even if the possibilities mentioned sound very extreme, the probability of a serious cause is very low. For most vapers, the vapers tongue is only a temporary problem anyway, which subsides after a few hours. So unless you suffer from an impaired sense of taste for days or weeks, there is still no reason to consult a doctor.

Dirty e-cigarette

Some vapers believe that the cause of vapers tongue is a dirty e-cigarette. The contacts of the evaporator are a direct cause. So if you suffer from these symptoms and have not been able to help yourself so far, it may be a good idea to thoroughly clean the e-cigarette and, at the same time, to replace the coil or clearomizer directly.

Vaping the same flavor for too long

This cause has the least amount of scientific data to back it up. However, many vapers will have noticed this themselves. The more you use a certain flavor, the more likely you will get used to it. So if you want to enjoy a certain aroma for a long time, it makes sense not to vape it permanently but rather to alternate it with a completely different taste.

Old e-liquid

We have already reported that some e-liquids should be matured again to reach their full flavor potential. With increasing age, however, certain liquids can also go bad. The flavor decomposes and may now taste unpleasantly sharp. In that case, you might not even suffer from the dreaded vapers tongue and have to replace your old e-liquid with a new one.

how to get rid of vapers tongue?

You should always consult a doctor if your symptoms have a medical cause. This applies to panic disorders, vitamin deficiencies, medication, and other clinical pictures. However, since these causes are only responsible for a fraction of all vapers tongue, we would like to focus on the majority here. About 99% of all vapers tongue victims should experience relief from their symptoms with these tips.


We’ve already mentioned it: taste buds can take up to two weeks to recover from previous damage. For this reason, waiting is also a sensible recommendation here. Although you may be annoyed that your taste is impaired for a while, you can count yourself lucky that your sense of taste fully regenerates after a short break.

drinking water

Staying hydrated and, ideally, water solves many issues vapers may be experiencing. Water rinses the inside of the mouth, refreshes and at the same time ensures that the body is hydrated. Since the components of e-liquid can draw water out of the body, regular vapers should make sure to drink a lot. In the best case, they are spared the symptoms of the vapers tongue.

Use matured e-liquids

E-liquids that have been allowed to mature for a sufficient time develop a much more intense taste, with the aroma appearing richer and more unusual to the vaper. Vapers could see a positive effect when switching to aged e-liquids.

Smell the fresh coffee beans

Many professional wine tasters or perfumers use what may sound strange at first. Coffee is also often used in everyday life to neutralize odors in the refrigerator or kitchen cupboards. While experts disagree on exactly what causes this effect, coffee seems to reset the sense of taste to a certain extent. Many vapers have already been able to cure their vapers tongue with this little trick, so a test is worthwhile.

Suck on a lemon

Like the coffee suggestion, the lemon is also said to reset the sense of taste to zero in a certain way. However, the taste is too acidic and too intense for many. A good alternative is, for example, enjoying a delicious lemon sorbet.

Use a stronger flavor

If you’re frustrated that you can barely detect your vapor flavors, switching to a stronger flavor might be a good idea. It is possible that the vapers tongue can already be cured with this since only mild tastes are affected.

Try a different flavor

You can benefit from switching to a different flavor if you have gotten used to your e-liquid. It would help if you varied the taste every few weeks to get the best possible taste over the long term. In this way, chronic phenomena can be avoided.

Use e-liquid without aroma

To give your taste buds some recovery time, you can switch to vaping-only bases for e-liquid for a few weeks. During this time, the taste buds can recover from the overstrain, and the tastes are much stronger afterward.

Stop smoking

Especially if you also use a conventional cigarette in addition to vaping, you should think about quitting smoking now. If, after a few weeks of just vaping, you find that you no longer suffer from a numb tongue, the cause has been successfully eliminated. In this case, the vapers tongue can be the final impetus to switch completely to vaping. Your health will thank you for the change.

Use a tongue cleaner

Other causes of a vapers tongue can result from old deposits on the tongue. You can counteract this with a tongue cleaner or tongue scraper, which can be used to remove old deposits effectively.

use mouthwash

Vapers don’t always agree on the use of mouthwash. While some swear by mouthwash, others see the strong taste as more of a cause of their numb tongue. For this reason, one should perhaps only experiment with mouthwash when other methods have not yet led to the desired effect.

We hope this post can help some vapers to cure vapers tongue. If you have any questions about vaping, we can be reached via our contact options.

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