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Vapers Glossary and Why You Should Vaping

Vapers Glossary and Why You Should Vaping

Being new to e-cigarettes can feel a bit confused and overwhelmed. The Internet is full of information, and everywhere you come across technical terms and formulations that you didn’t even know until now. Especially if you are just interested in a quick start and want to buy a beginner-friendly e-cigarette, such a flood of information is rather a hindrance. In this guide, we want to specifically address beginners who have had little experience with e-cigarettes and have had to look them up regularly to find out what certain expressions mean. Here we have summarized all relevant information for beginners for this purpose. This turns everyone into a vaping professional in no time.

Vapers Glossary

Anyone who regularly talks to other vapers or surfs the web in forums or shops will quickly realize that vapers have their vocabulary.

Throat Hit:

A throat hit is the scratchy feeling in the throat that occurs, for example, when consuming conventional cigarettes, but it can also occur when vaping. Especially when using e-liquid with a higher percentage of PG (Propylene Glycol), the vaper will feel more scratchy. Many vapers find this pleasant and adapt the composition of their liquid to their own preferences.


Mouth-to-lung (or MTL) is a vaping technique in which the vapour is not directly inhaled entirely but initially only drawn into the mouth. The vapour remains there for a few seconds before inhaling more deeply and entering the lungs. The alternative technique is to inhale the vapour fully directly.

E-Juice (or E-Liquid):

The e-juice is the liquid with which the vaporizer is filled. This consists mainly of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. In most cases, there is also nicotine and an aroma or flavouring.

Sub ohms:

If the coil has a resistance of less than one ohm, you practice so-called sub-ohm vaping. This increases the device’s performance; as a consequence, more steam can be generated, for example.

Dry burn:

Dry burn is the term for a common mistake made by vape beginners right now. If the e-cigarette is used before the wick inside has been sufficiently soaked with e-liquid, and the coil is still heated, this takes place practically “dry”. Instead of causing steam, the cotton and wick coke and an unpleasant taste develop. Dry burn also occurs when there is insufficient e-juice in the tank.


The term vape is simply the Anglicized version of vaping. The vape process itself is thus referred to.

The Most Important Question: Why Use E-cigarettes At All?

1: Your health

Many scientists agree that e-cigarettes have many health benefits over traditional cigarettes. This is mainly because 99% of all problems caused by smoking do not stem from nicotine but rather from the numerous additives, some of which are highly toxic, that are produced when tobacco is burned. With e-cigarettes, on the other hand, nothing is burned at all. E-Liquid is vaporized without producing any toxic chemicals. All ingredients are harmless to humans. The current state of research is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes, making them a very sensible alternative, especially for smokers.

2: save money

One thing is clear: smoking costs a lot of money. Smokers sometimes spend thousands of euros every year and all of that just for cigarettes. How much you save by switching to e-cigarettes depends a bit on what type of device you buy. However, most devices drastically reduce the running costs after a one-time purchase of the e-cigarette, so smokers will quickly find that they can save a lot of money.

3: Finally smoke, free

Even if they are often not advertised, e-cigarettes are a proven way to quit smoking finally. Meanwhile, many studies show that ex-smokers, who had had several unsuccessful withdrawal attempts behind them, were finally able to keep their fingers off the cigarette with the e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are significantly less addictive while helping smokers lessen or even stop withdrawal symptoms. This means that e-cigarettes are about twice as successful as alternative methods of quitting cigarettes.

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