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Vape Tricks: The How To Guide For Beginners

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Today, for once, we’re not about making the switch from cigarettes to the healthier e-cigarette; we’re targeting all of the advanced vapers out there. Anyone who has switched to vaping for a long time and is part of this scene has certainly had a taste or two of vapor tricks. Vaping can almost be used to produce art, from simple smoke rings to unusual shapes. So that you can implement the most popular vape tricks yourself in the future, we would like to explain the coolest tricks today. Unlike regular cigarette smoke, the vapor produced by vaping offers a little more substance, is thicker, and lasts longer. Because of this, it’s also much easier to pull off impressive tricks and impress others or entertain yourself. As with all tricks requiring some skill, practice makes perfect with the present tricks. Even if it doesn’t work right away, you should keep at it and keep practicing. A great side benefit of practicing is that you might discover other tricks you didn’t know about before. Of course, tricks aren’t a must-have for every vaper, but they’re an interesting extra that can help you take your mind off tobacco, and the traditional cigarette, which is often very frustrating in the early stages of the transition to e-cigarettes, are present. This post brings a little more fun to an otherwise very serious topic.

Which Mix Is Best For Vape Tricks?

To maximize the effect of the following tricks and have even more fun vaping, you should tweak the mix of your e-liquid a little. While we’re usually more concerned with creating a smoking-like experience and throwing in Propylene Glycol to achieve that, the focus of the tricks is a little different. The point here is not to take a hit but to produce as much vapor as possible when vaping. For this reason, mixing e-liquid with more vegetable glycerin makes sense to get the most out of cloud formation. Also, the nicotine can be left out for the tricks, especially if you plan to practice a lot. After all, this is not about smoking but rather about the fun side effect of the e-cigarette. Flavors can also be saved initially for the highest vape effect.

The Optimal Preparation

Not every place and time is equally suitable for practicing vape tricks. Vapor is very fragile, and anyone who has ever vaped in a brisk place knows that vapor doesn’t stay in place for long when the wind blows. For this reason, it is best to practice vape tricks indoors, with doors and windows closed. If there are other people in the room, it would at least make sense if they didn’t move too much or too quickly for the foreseeable period of time that you’re trying out the vape tricks so as not to destroy the result. It is also important that you turn off the smoke detectors at home before starting your exercises so as not to risk false alarms. Don’t forget to turn it back on afterward. Otherwise, there will be an unnecessary fire risk.

Simple smoke rings

The most famous and popular trick is probably the very simple smoke rings. The good news for anyone who hasn’t figured out how to form an O out of vape before is that this trick is quite easy to do with a little practice. Again, practice is essential. After just a few attempts, you can usually blow a great circle. If you want to get a little more out of the well-known trick and make the whole thing a little more impressive, you can work on producing more smoke rings or, for example, varying their size. To do this, start by inhaling a deep puff of vapor, but no more than you can comfortably hold. Now part of the vapor has to be pressed into the oral cavity and collected there from the previously practiced O-shape with your mouth. To produce a series of smoke rings, you should try to cough as gently as possible, almost as if clearing your throat. This ensures that not too much vape is lost at once. The longer this trick is practiced, the better and more impressive the smoke rings become.

The Dragon

The dragon is less of a trick and more of a breathing variant. According to the mythological model, the vapor should be exhaled so that it streams out of both nostrils and the sides of the mouth simultaneously, transforming the vaper into a fire-breathing monster. Exhaling from the nose and mouth simultaneously is not difficult for most people. However, it is much more difficult to direct the steam out of the mouth so that it flows to the left and right and not boringly straight ahead. The trick is to press the lips together toward the center of the mouth, creating two openings at the outer edge of the lips. The trick is most impressive when the vapor comes out with a lot of pressure, which can be difficult at first. It may not be possible to keep pressing your lips together at the beginning. But with a little practice, the strength in the mouth increases, and the figure can be perfected without any problems.

Liquid Mist

Another very simple vape trick is called liquid mist. Here you take advantage of the physical properties of the vapor and almost experiment yourself. You only need a glass of cold water in addition to the e-cigarette. Now the vapor is inhaled and then exhaled with the lips on the glass of the liquid. Because the vapor is heavier than air, it will collect above the liquid and swirl around impressively. Of course, this effect does not last forever; sooner or later, the vapor will dissipate, but you usually have enough time to take a photo beforehand.

Okay, so the tricks we showed you today might not be the fanciest that vaping can do, but it’s a great place to start, especially for those new to the subject and those who would like to learn fancy tricks.

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