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U.S. Report: The Deception About E-Cigarettes

Vaping: what changes from the traditional one

Are you a smoker and looking for information on vaping? That’s an excellent idea!

First, we must clarify: vaping produces no smoke like burnt cigarettes but vapor.

Several million smokers worldwide have managed to say goodbye to the package and the lighter. E-cig steam is currently the healthiest and least invasive solution for quitting smoking. Capital flows into vaping industry so you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of vape brands on the market. Most of them are OEM vape produced by vape manufacturers in China.

The Veronesi Institute also stated that the electronic cigarette hurts much less than the traditional one, and in the following few lines, you will understand why.

So here is a brief about the difference between electronic vapor and tobacco smoke.

How does it change between the two systems?

The traditional cigarette is made up of finely chopped dried tobacco leaves, often mixed with other additives that are very dangerous to health, many of which are contained in the paper that covers it.

The composition of electronic cigarettes is straightforward.

The first uses combustion, which burns the tobacco and gives life to the smoke, which contains more than 4000 toxic substances for our body. The e-cig, on the other hand, heats the special liquids (prepared with neutral bases and concentrated flavors) and transforms them into steam, similar to aerosol.

The differences between burnt cigarette smoke and electronic vapor

In addition to their composition, the two exhalations also differ for other reasons:

Disposable vape can be inhaled directly without any operation. This way, the liquid in contact is vaporized, and the vape experiences the sensation of “smoking a real cigarette.”

There are two types of shooting: the cheek shot and the pulmonary shot. The first is very similar to what is done with analog cigarettes because the vapor is pulled into the mouth by the contraction of the cheeks and then subsequently sucked into the lungs. Conversely, the second involves sucking the steam directly into the lungs without first accumulating it in the mouth.

A fundamental aspect that differentiates the vapor of vaping from smoking concerns the presence of nicotine. Unlike the classic cigarette, in the e-cig, it is possible to modulate the quantity. Dosing the liquid nicotine allows you to gradually eliminate it from your vape and overcome the addiction over time.

As you have seen, electronic vapor has nothing to do with the smoke from burnt cigarettes and has a much less harmful impact on your lungs.

Vaping allows you to say goodbye to cancerous blondes, improve your health, and enjoy genuinely superlative aromas and fragrances (especially if you think about the sour taste of cigarette ashtray).

Electronic cigarette in the USA: what are the natural causes of illness

The debate on vaping liquids is always open, this is now established, and the recent news concerning the electronic cigarette in the USA have raised a real fuss, however, it is necessary to shed light on to understand what to worry about.

Opinions are divided, but the fact is that an increasing number of smokers are abandoning traditional cigarettes for e-cig, deriving numerous advantages. So what happened in the United States?.

Let’s go immediately to see it in detail.

What happened in the USA.

The e-cigarette case in the U.S. broke out in mid-August 2019 when some doctors established and made public a link between the use of e-cigarettes and the strange episodes of pneumonia (without signs of infection) observed in young people.

As of 1 October, the toll has counted 18 deaths and 1,080 cases declared, and the statistics on a fraction of the registered hospitalizations show that three-quarters of them are young males (between 28 and 34 years old).

This, of course, is a topic that touches us very closely and on which it is necessary to give some clarifications.

The actual cause of illness in the States.

Throwing mud on e-cigarettes is a trend that the tobacco lobbies have started for many years. After serious events such as the death of these people, it is necessary to go deeper to understand what caused the serious respiratory diseases.

The origin of the illness is not to be traced back to the use of liquids purchased in the vaping shop, relatively to that of homemade products with cannabis derivatives; therefore absolutely not tested and illegal.

E-liquids identified as harmful, and therefore the leading cause of deaths and pneumonia, fall into the category of cartridges that consumers refer to as Dark Vapes. These preparations contain molecules derived from THC, a substance with the psychoactive properties of cannabis. Still, other counterfeit products with various names have also been indicted, which in most cases also contained marijuana.

The circle narrows, therefore, with the identification of specific vape liquids of a harmful nature, sold on the street like drugs and in an illegal way.

Which liquids to use safely?

We feel obliged to reassure you about the use of e-juice and aromas for e-cigarettes produced and certified in CAK since, as the data show, those responsible for the American epidemic are not the liquids themselves but the substances. Illegal contained within them.

No problem for those who use ready-made or do-it-yourself e-liquids legally sold in e-cigarette shops, as with neutral bases with or without nicotine.

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