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TPD Legislation in Italy and Everything You Should Know

E-cigarettes are regulated by the TPD in Europe, which was enacted to protect consumers’ health and monitor e-cigarettes and their related products that are to be put on the market. Of course, in addition to the European regulatory framework, some countries have added a national-level regulatory framework to regulate the vaping industry within their country.

CAK Vape is a professional and well-known e-cigarette manufacturer. We produce e-cigarettes in compliance with TPD; all our devices are CE and RoHS-certified.

But we still need to talk about TPD. We have discussed the situation in Spain. Now we are going to introduce the TPD in Italy.

What is TPD?

It is a legislative decree issued by the EU in 2014 to regulate the market for tobacco products and products containing nicotine (please note that if your product does not have nicotine, it will not be subject to the decree, which is a loophole).

What does the TPD offer?

If the e-liquid contains nicotine, it is subject to the TPD. Of course, you can think of the TPD as a bottom line, and it is up to each government to decide what to do with those nicotine-containing e-liquids.

TPD Rules

1. The production of e-liquids must use high-purity ingredients

2. The amount of nicotine should not exceed 20mg/ml

3. The maximum volume of pre-filled tanks and pods is 2 ml

4. The maximum volume of a bottle of liquid produced is not allowed to exceed 10 ml

5. E-cigarettes and their associated liquid packaging must carry a health warning and a reminder of the presence of nicotine.

6. Bottles containing e-liquids must have an anti-child opening system and ensure that children cannot open them.

7. The original bill prohibits sales to minors under 18, but countries now require that youth under 21 be prohibited from purchasing or using e-cigarette devices.

8. The use of dyes, diacetyl, caffeine, vitamins, and other substances is prohibited in the production process.

9. The manufacturer or importer must notify all nicotine products in e-liquids. This notification is published on a specific European portal and must be accompanied by a composition, chemical, and emission analysis. The EU will distribute these documents to the health authorities of member states, and six months must elapse between the notification and the marketing of these products.

The above are the provisions on e-cigarettes in the TPD issued by the EU. Some countries, such as Italy, have added a national-level regulatory framework:

1. TPD is binding for e-cigarette liquids containing nicotine, and the bill issued by Italy includes nicotine-free e-liquids. The Customs and Monopoly Bureau analyzes all products.

2. All e-juices are sold wholesale only with authorized fiscal deposits.

3. All vape shops in Italy must obtain a license before selling any e-cigarettes and e-juices.

4. If you choose to sell e-cigarettes and e-liquids online, it will only be done through authorized fiscal deposits.

5. Purchasing e-cigarettes and e-juices from outside Italy into the country is not permitted.

The above is only part of the Italian regulatory level; because there is no relationship with other countries, we only do a brief understanding. We also want to remind you that these e-cigarette devices are intended for adult smokers who wish to eliminate burning smoke, so if you don’t smoke or don’t smoke e-cigarettes, then I suggest you don’t start.

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