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Tobacco Cigarettes vs E-cigarettes for Health

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There are currently millions of e-cigarette users. Most of them are smokers or ex-smokers and see e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to tobacco products. For most people who switched, the health aspect was probably the decisive factor. But how does an e-cigarette work, what kind of substances do you ingest and isn’t that at least as dangerous as smoking tobacco? Here we give you an overview of this topic and present the current study situation on the subject of e-cigarettes and health.

Mode of action of e-cigarettes

There are many different types of e-cigarettes available. Even if they look very different on the outside, they are very similar on the inside. Normally, a battery-powered heating element ensures that a liquid is heated. This process creates a vapor that you then inhale through a mouthpiece.

The liquids are available in various flavors and with different nicotine levels. Nicotine is an addictive substance that – at least in small amounts – has a stimulating effect. It does not matter whether it is inhaled via smoke or vapor. It is absorbed into the blood via the lungs and in this way reaches the brain within a few seconds, where it causes stimulating effects. These include, for example, an increased willingness to perform, improved memory performance or the suppression of tiredness or fear. But the liquid also contains other substances, all of which are strictly regulated in Germany, so that no prohibited ingredients can be placed on the market. It contains, for example, flavorings that give the vapor its taste. These are all permitted food flavorings. In addition, propylene glycol is consumed when vaping. This is the nebulizer that is also used for disco fog, for example, and provides the vapor in e-cigarettes. Although this substance can cause eye and respiratory irritation in high doses, no serious health hazards have become known even after decades of use.

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Tobacco cigarettes vs e-cigarettes for health

With increasing spread and popularity, the critical voices about electronic cigarettes are growing. Critics argue that so far not enough is known about the late effects. But what is already certain at the moment is the following: While with the e-cigarette a liquid is heated, which then evaporates as an aerosol, with the conventional cigarette tobacco is burned. When smoking, the human body absorbs more than 4,800 chemicals, of which around 250 are toxic and 90 are carcinogenic. For example tar, one of the most dangerous substances produced when tobacco is burned. It gradually sticks together in the lungs, leading to breathing difficulties, the typical smoker’s cough and ultimately to black smoker’s lungs, which are often depicted on cigarette packs.

How many carcinogenic substances are contained in the liquids for vaporization has not yet been fully clarified. What is certain, however, is that when you inhale the aerosol, you take in significantly fewer pollutants than when you smoke tobacco. Furthermore, much lower temperatures are required to vaporize the liquid than to burn tobacco, which means that far fewer pollutants are released.

Therefore, e-cigarettes are generally considered to be less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes. But critics often put the much more harmless e-cigarette on a par with tobacco cigarettes. For years, politicians and the media have relied on the argument that the long-term effects of e-cigarettes are almost completely unknown. However, the opposite has never been proven, namely that e-cigarettes do not have any serious consequences for the health of the consumer. However, such a study is now known. She was taught by Prof. Dr. Riccardo Polosa, Director of the Institute of Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology at the University of Catania, Italy. In this study (title: Study on the health effects of e-cigarettes), vapers who had never smoked tobacco before were followed over 3.5 years and examined the effects of vaping on their bodies. In the end, it was clear that even with intensive use of e-cigarettes, neither damage to the respiratory tract nor cardiovascular problems could be detected. Significant changes in the health of the test persons could not be observed either. Over the entire study period, research showed that even intensive vaping does not drastically damage the lungs. Because after these 3.5 years, neither a reduction in lung volume nor the development of respiratory symptoms, nor a marker for inflammation in the lungs or signs of early lung damage could be detected. In addition, no changes were measured in blood pressure or heart rate. As a result, the user of an e-cigarette has more air compared to the smoker, can breathe better and perform better in sports. In addition, he has a better taste in his mouth and his body and clothes no longer smell unpleasantly of smoke.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, it still cannot be ruled out that damage to the lungs could occur at a later stage over longer periods of time. In order to be able to rule out or confirm all these points, further investigations will be necessary in the future. However, one should note that the damage from tobacco smoking, on the other hand, becomes noticeable much earlier and very quickly, for example in the form of an increased heart rate, lower stamina during sporting activities and lower lung capacity and shortness of breath.

Another very important point when comparing tobacco and e-cigarettes is nicotine. The fact is: nicotine is and remains an addictive substance, and nothing changes when inhaled with e-cigarettes. But compared to other substances, nicotine is relatively “harmless”: the majority of illnesses and deaths among smokers are not due to nicotine, but to toxic and carcinogenic ingredients.

Nevertheless, the nicotine content can be reduced step by step until you even use liquids that are completely free of it. As a result, you introduce significantly fewer pollutants to your body. Therefore, e-cigarettes are not only the healthier version of “smoking”, but also a good way to gradually break the habit.

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