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Tips for Vaping in Winter

Tips for Vaping in Winter

In any case, the fun of vaping can decrease due to malfunctions and restrictions caused by the weather. If the function of the e-cigarette is negatively affected by frost and cold, this also affects the liquid. If you still don’t want to do without vaping in this weather, you can follow a few simple tips to make your e-cigarette fit for the winter.

Why Is Cold Bad For Vapers?

Especially the battery of the e-cigarette suffers a lot in cold temperatures. If there is frost on the doorstep and the thermometer shows temperatures below 0° Celsius, this limits the performance of batteries and rechargeable batteries. This mainly affects the runtime of the processed battery. So if you have the impression in winter that the e-cigarette gives up the ghost much faster, you are not wrong. Unfortunately, this effect is difficult to prevent. It isn’t very pleasant, especially if you can’t use the e-cigarette in a warm environment but have to vape on the go. This can be remedied by carrying a spare or a second battery. If the performance of the first battery decreases, it can easily be replaced by the alternative. If the spare battery is carried close to the body beforehand, for example, nice and warm in the jacket or trouser pocket and inside pocket, the final vaping time will also benefit from this.

E-liquids Loss Of Quality In The Cold

Not only is the battery affected by the cold. Sub-zero temperatures are also not recommended for e-liquids. Although there is no risk of the liquids freezing at German temperatures, the consistency still affects. The liquid becomes noticeably tougher and thicker when it is cold, affecting its vapor properties. And, particularly annoying for vapers, the taste also suffers from the sub-zero temperatures. The vapor may taste burnt in severe cold, requiring a setting change. To avoid the problems, the e-liquid must be kept at room temperature. You should also take preventive measures on the go and protect the e-juice and battery alike from the cool temperatures. Another preventive measure is to slightly adjust the composition of the liquid during the cold season. A higher proportion of propylene glycol in the mix makes the e-liquid less susceptible to changes in consistency.

Keep e-cigarette dry

Especially because of the metal parts, the e-cigarette is difficult to keep dry in the cold. In any case, you should try to keep the device dry. Too much moisture can cause the device to malfunction, fail, or not turn on. Proper packaging can help here. Appropriate packaging also helps to prevent the temperature of the e-cigarette from dropping too much.

The danger of injury – freezing to the mouthpiece

Metal and frost are not pleasant, especially when steam or moisture are also involved. Everyone probably knows the effect of sticking your tongue to a cold iron bar in winter because the moisture immediately freezes. This can be extremely painful under certain circumstances and should therefore be avoided at all costs. A similar effect can also be observed with e-cigarettes. If it is bitterly cold outside, the metal parts on the e-cigarette also take on the same temperature. If your skin is on the mouthpiece, you can get stuck there in the worst case. The mouthpiece should therefore be replaced with a plastic tip during winter. The plastic doesn’t cool down that badly outside, and there’s no risk of freezing it. If you want to protect your lips further, apply a care stick before steaming in the fresh air. This cares for the mouth and reduces the risk of freezing metal parts.

Vaping in the car: be careful here

Another side effect of winter is that the vapor clouds produced when vaping are significantly larger than you are used to. Experienced vapers may be able to gauge this well, but newcomers can be surprised. A problem quickly arises here, especially in the car. The increased moisture in the car can settle on the inside of the window and restrict visibility. In order not to expose yourself to danger here, the temperature in the car should be increased accordingly before you vape in it. Anyone who uses the heating can avoid this effect.

Be careful when vaping with gloves

Gloves are a great thing. Thanks to them, we can keep our fingers pleasantly warm even in the cold. But using your e-cigarette while wearing gloves is not a very smart idea. With gloves, it is much more difficult to hold the e-cigarette. After all, you don’t want to risk simply dropping the device in winter or summer. If you don’t want to do without your gloves, you should invest in a pair with rubber coating on the fingertips and palms to increase grip. However, operating the e-cigarette correctly when wearing gloves can also be difficult. This can be remedied by adjusting the size of the buttons with modifications. Of course, this becomes unnecessary if you take off the gloves for the time of vaping.

Vaping in winter – even healthy?

During the winter months, it feels like everyone is sick; you see red noses everywhere, and you hear coughing and sneezing and muffled voices. To protect oneself against this and to avoid colds and flu for as long as possible, efforts are made to maintain certain hygiene standards. In public places, in particular, you should consciously refrain from sharing objects such as door handles, pens, or telephones, or at least try not to use your hands or disinfect them afterward. If you don’t do this, sooner or later, you will end up in bed with a fever, headache, and body aches. The good news is that vaping has a positive effect on preventing the flu and the common cold. Researchers have now confirmed that e-liquids vaporized in e-cigarettes have a disinfecting effect. When inhaled, some dangerous viruses and bacteria are killed off before they can settle in the body. The risk of infection is therefore significantly reduced for vapers.

The bottom line

In any case, we can give the all-clear to anyone who fears that e-cigarettes can have serious malfunctions in winter. You don’t have to issue a general warning, and you can vape in front of the door even in winter. Vapor quality and battery life are factors to consider. Unpleasant experiences with your e-cigarette can be avoided if you follow a few tips. If you transport your e-cigarette for a longer time in freezing temperatures, you should make sure that you pack it well and store it in a protected place. The less cold the e-cigarette reaches, the better the device defies the weather conditions.

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