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The Throat Hit – Important when vaping?

The Throat Hit - Important when vaping?

Whether ex-smokers give up immediately after the first vape attempt or give vaping a serious try depends very much on their experience. As a rule, the first attempt at the e-cigarette consists of trying out the device from a friend or acquaintance. But while every experienced vaper knows exactly how big the differences are from e-cigarette to e-cigarette and how diverse the vape experience is, beginners often have no idea. Long-time vapers have found a favourite e-liquid blend that gives them exactly the experience they want when vaping. Some prefer it when vaping comes very close to smoking. A high dose of nicotine is used for this, and the liquid often contains a high proportion of propylene glycol to achieve a so-called throat hit. Others may prefer the vape to be a little smoother, use more VG in their mix, or use different flavours. The chance that you, as a beginner, complete your first taste test with someone with similar preferences is extremely small. Instead, you’re far more likely to attempt a vape, which is rather uncomfortable and gives you the impression that you can never replace smoking.

What Do Vape Beginners Want

Those who want to start vaping usually look for a realistic and healthier alternative to smoking. They want the vaping experience to be as close to smoking as possible. You are looking for a device that is as small and handy as possible, in the shape of a cigarette. To bring the feeling very close to smoking, a comparatively large amount of nicotine is usually used. The throat hit is also a very relevant topic. A throat hit is the scratchy feeling in the throat that occurs when vaping. Anyone who inhales cigarette smoke knows this. You get a scratchy feeling, and the smoke may even trigger a cough. However, this is not the case with classic steam. The more VG the e-liquid contains and the lower the amount of nicotine, the less the throat hit will be. Vegetable glycerine makes vaping much smoother. Anyone who has never smoked may not be able to imagine why people switching to smoking should want that scratchy throat. After all, the feeling is uncomfortable and can be felt with every inhalation. Although there is no general answer to this, we would like to try to explain it. It’s not the discomfort or sore throat that beginners want, but rather the habit that comes into play here. Ex-smokers want an alternative that comes as close as possible to smoking in many respects because they feel this is the only way to stop smoking in the long term. This is why high PG e-juice blends are so popular with beginners. Usually, this craving diminishes over time, and as you vape for longer, your craving for a throat hit will diminish more and more. Long-time vapers prefer mixes with more VG and a lower amount of nicotine.

How Important Is The Throat Hit?

Surveys confirm what we already suspected. Many vapers would have loved to start with a strong throat hit to find it less and less important over time. In numbers, over 75% of novice vapers rate the throat hit as important or very important when vaping. But if you then ask people who have been vaping for a long time, these numbers demonstrably decrease by about half. Instead of the throat hit, the taste and vapour formation are a significantly higher priority.

In most cases, the point when the respective vaper stopped smoking was quite a while ago. One has become accustomed to and probably even liked the new alternative and no longer needs it purely as a replacement. However, it should be noted that even among long-time vapers, a good half would still classify the throat hit as important.

Find the right balance

We have good news for you if you are a bit confused or unsure whether a throat hit or gentle vaping is more comfortable for you. Even if these are the two extremes, the transition is fluid, and there is even a good mix. For example, you don’t have to give up flavour when vaping, even if you like to feel a certain throat hit. Also, you don’t have to exchange large, impressive steam clouds for barely visible fog. A vaper needs to figure out their preferences and fine-tune the vape experience accordingly. It also depends on whether you prefer to vape softly or harshly, but the transitions are smooth, and with a little practice, you will find the perfect solution for yourself. Once you understand the factors influencing the throat hit, you can adjust it as you like to suit your preferences.

How Does The Throat Hit Form?

Before we explain exactly how to adjust the degree of the throat hit to your preferences, we would first like to explain how this scratchy throat comes about in the first place. The throat hit is a feeling that occurs in the vaper’s throat when vaping. That scratchy sensation feels very similar to smoking. It can be a bit irritating at first and even strong enough to make you cough if you’re not used to it. If the throat hit is softer, the vapour is much easier to inhale, and the throat feeling is much weaker. There is hardly any comparison to the cigarette here.

How To Customize The Throat Hit To Your Preferences

When it comes to vape, finding the exact settings and products that make the experience most enjoyable is one of the toughest challenges. You may not know at first which adjustments will result in a stronger throat hit and which will result in a softer one. It’s not all that complicated. In the following, we have put together a few tips for a particularly strong throat hit and a gentle vape experience.

Tips for a strong throat hit

  1. More Nicotine – Using more nicotine will result in a stronger throat hit.
  2. More PG in E-Juice – Usually, a mix of 50% VG/50% PG is a good start, but you can keep increasing the amount of PG as needed.
  3. Increase Temperature or Power – If you vape at a higher temperature or increase the power, you will also increase your throat hit.
  4. Menthol or Citrus – Certain flavours can also help further increase the sensation of a throat hit.

Tips for a smoother throat hit

  1. Less nicotine – Even if you might have to reach for the e-cigarette more often with less nicotine, the throat hit can be significantly reduced.
  2. More VG in E-Juice – VG in the mix isn’t just great for creating impressive clouds. Blends with more than 70% vegetable glycerin also ensure a smoother vaping experience.
  3. Reduce power – Reducing the power of the vaporizer keeps the vapour cooler, and the throat hit becomes less noticeable.
  4. Sweet Flavors – Any sweet, creamy flavours or pastry will feel like a smoother throat hit.

Further Detail Information

If these instructions for adjusting the steam settings and the accessories are not enough for you, we have summarized further information, which also contains important details.

The nicotine strength

The nicotine strength has one of the biggest influences on the throat hit. The more nicotine, the stronger the scratchy throat. However, one should be careful here, as too much nicotine can also be very unpleasant. You should approach it slowly and carefully to find the right dose to increase the amount. However, if you want to keep your nicotine intake low, there are other ways to achieve a throat hit.

Adjust the PG/VG ratio

PG produces a stronger throat hit than VG. Accordingly, e-liquids with a higher proportion of PG are better suited for throat hits. While the sensation isn’t quite as strong as it would be from nicotine, PG produces a sharp, almost acrid push down the throat that can feel tickling or grating, depending on the blend used. Mixtures with a PG content of 50-60% are a good start. However, you should not increase the amount simply because more propylene glycol can no longer be vaped comfortably.

Change the settings

This ability to affect the throat hit is a concern for those with more elaborate gadgets or mods. Controlling the wattage or the temperature will greatly impact the throat hit.


Typically, the throat hit is caused by one of the factors we discussed earlier. However, there can be more involved than just the performance of the e-cigarette, the e-liquid composition and the nicotine content. The flavour you use also has an impact. Those who like it gently should try darker flavours like coffee or tobacco. Sweeter fruits can also be an option. If you want to increase the throat hit instead, flavours like menthol are ideal.

Whether throat hit or not: Only those familiar with the subject can achieve the best possible vape experience.

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