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The Evolution Of E-liquids

The Evolution Of E-liquids

More and more people are looking for an alternative to the classic tobacco cigarette and are trying out vaping with an e-cigarette. A filling liquid is filled into a container, the so-called e-cigarettes. The liquid, the e-liquid, is heated, creating vapor inhaled and exhaled. The vapor can taste like sweet aromas, fresh menthol, and tobacco. Responsible for this is the ingredients in the liquid, which are available in countless flavors.

The evolution of liquids

Today there are liquids from the classic tobacco flavor to exotic fruit flavors. For all new to the vaping community, here is a small digression on what the liquids consist of. The basis for every liquid consists of three basic substances. Propylene glycol is a food additive with a clear consistency and odorless; it is used in chewing gum and toothpaste, among other things. Another ingredient is vegetable glycerin, also a food additive. Glycerine is used in liquids as a fog fluid and is responsible for vapor development. Water is also used for the base liquid to liquefy the mixture.

Such base liquids can be purchased and mixed with nicotine or other flavors. The idea behind the e-cigarette is to offer an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Even long-time smokers eventually get fed up with the annoying smell of cigarettes and the significant health risks. The vapor generated by an e-cigarette tastes much milder and more pleasant. According to recent studies, the risk of cancer from vaporization is not as high as from traditional smoking. Many smokers prefer the taste of e-cigarettes and discover their passion for complex e-cigarette vaping. The focus here is not just on pure addiction satisfaction.

Combining different devices, e-cigarettes and liquids always create new, unique taste experiences. Passionate vapers find it a fulfilling hobby to try out and collect different coils, temperatures, watts, and liquids. Nevertheless, one must admit that most people switching to liquids with a pure tobacco flavor choose to get started. This makes the transition easy, and there is a lot of curiosity about comparing the taste of the e-cigarette with the taste of the tobacco cigarette.

Many smokers are surprised that the tobacco-containing vapor has its very own aroma and that the differences in taste are more diverse than with classic cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes do not all taste the same, but they are very similar. The steam process makes it possible to enjoy various flavors while steaming. Vape manufacturers worldwide are constantly coming up with new and ever more creative flavors. Only one thing that helps to determine your favorite liquid: try it out. After the tobacco flavors came to a whole wave of new fruity flavors.

Fresh fruit as liquid

Fruity flavors have been very popular since their development. First, the most well-known and popular fruits have been turned into sweet vapor. Apple, banana, orange, strawberry, pear, to more exotic fruits like mango or watermelon. But there are no limits to the manufacturer’s imagination, so new exciting fruit cocktails are constantly being created in which fruity flavors are mixed and sold under imaginative names. Examples are the recommendable liquids Pink Poison, Wonderland, or Blue Fantasy.

Sweets – Liquids sweet like chocolate

By using well-known food flavors, it is possible to transform very popular flavors into liquids. And what flavor could be more popular than chocolate? In the area of ​​Sweets Liquids, there are always some sweet surprises to be discovered and enjoyed. However, the palette goes far beyond chocolate flavors. From waffles to peanut butter and apple pie, there is everything your heart desires. Even the most popular types of ice cream, such as chocolate or vanilla, are on the Liquid menu. So you can kill two birds with one stone: Satisfy the desire for sweets and the desire for vaping in one. You can enjoy the vapor of the e-cigarette in really every way.

Fresh and Cool – Refreshing liquid aromas

Special liquids can be found in the Fresh and Cool section. These liquids form an exciting contrast to the hot steam. Maybe that’s why the many different flavors are so popular. Above all, you will find very refreshing and cool flavors such as mint, menthol, lemon cool, or even ice candy. The catchy names already give a foretaste of sweet and tart refreshment and cool, minty, and lemony taste experiences.

Determine the nicotine content in liquids yourself

All liquids in all flavors are also available with nicotine. The nicotine content can be selected for each flavor. These strengths are distinguished: 20 mg, 16 mg; 12mg; 9mg, 8mg; 4mg, and 0mg. This means that when you vape with an e-cigarette, you have it in your own hands to choose the right amount of nicotine for yourself. Many people are switching use this opportunity to wean themselves off nicotine. Non-smokers also have the unique opportunity to enjoy the many liquid flavors and, at the same time, completely do without nicotine and other harmful substances such as benzene or tar.

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