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The Difference Between Disposable Vape Kits and Pod Kits

Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity in modern society. The main reasons – the lack of factors such as tar, carcinogens, bad breath and on clothes, as well as the opportunity to pick up your favorite device in any location, be it a home, a shop or even an airplane. Such smoking actually reduces the risk of diseases of the lungs, heart and blood vessels, as well as the formation of cancer and other harmful effects of traditional habits.

The best way to get acquainted with modern safe cigarettes – single-use electronic cigarettes. Instead of the large number of harmful substances contained in conventional paper embodiments, this addition is the most dangerous only nicotine. By the way, you can do everything without buying a device with zero content of this substance. People who use these innovations do not need to carry a match or lighter, fear fire and feel quite stupid, who walk on smoke breaks in cold weather or during parties between friends smoking.

Disposable Vape Kit – is the most appropriate way to try electronic smoking newcomers, because, firstly, it costs about the same as the cost of just two packs of cigarettes, and secondly, you can immediately see if your device does fit, because a complete imitation of smoking usually impossible to process. First difference – instead of thick smoke instead you inhale a pair of warm with fruit or pure tobacco flavours. Many people use e-cigarettes, trying to return to their old paper and tobacco to friends. However, after the first tightening of all frustration and throwing a tasteless nasty cigarette.

Disposable e-cigarette composition

We will not in this article discuss in detail the arrangement of e-cigarettes as reusable or single-use. they are all made on the same principle, the difference is a small modification. Cigarettes usually consist of a battery, and replace the vapor generator cartridge. In addition, the device can be equipped with an LED and a button on-off switch. As a rule, this standard equipment has all electronic cigarettes. Cartridges for disposable versions contain polyester pads impregnated with liquids with different nicotine content – from zero to high.

Different from disposable and reusable electronic cigarettes?

There are a large number of companies involved in the production of such devices. All e-cigarettes are generally manufactured in China as there are so many vape factory over here and offering vape OEM service. Cigarettes can be reused today there are so many different modifications, sizes and filling processes. set prices from thousands and can go up to eight thousand for luxury brands and gift editions.

Disposable cigarettes also produce a large number of enterprises, but they all use the same principle of assembly device. It is impossible to refill or refuel, it is not provided with technical specifications. Smoked – thrown. Therefore the price of disposable cigarettes is very, very different from the price of reusable counterparts. Manufacturers promise up to 500 puffs per stick, which is equivalent to about two packs of regular cigarettes, but this is how practice has shown, it’s not true. The average single-use e-cigarette is enough for 1-2 days, depending on the person using it.

How to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes?

Using e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking. Immediately determined that getting rid of a bad habit, would be the use of analog electronics, was not given to everyone. A person gradually reduces nicotine, then uses zero cartridges, and then quits smoking completely without experiencing much hesitation. A person simply quits normal smoking and continues to use e-cigarettes with a suitable level of nicotine. It is much safer for health than regular smoking, but do not forget that nicotine – a narcotic substance, and it is constantly swallowed.

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