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The Dangers of E-cigarettes and Disease in America

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Diseases in the USA – What is really true?

Since April 2019, the first health problems caused by the use of e-cigarettes have been reported in some parts of the USA. The numbers are around 400. Acute health problems were identified immediately after consuming e-cigarettes. Mostly young men under the age of thirty were affected, including even minors. Patients’ symptoms included vomiting, tachycardia, high blood pressure and even heart failure. Many of the injured also developed pneumonia, in which imaging procedures identified dark spots in the lungs. However, it was quickly confirmed that, according to a report by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), those affected had not used commercially available liquids for vaping, but that they had consumed THC with the e-cigarette whose liquids they had bought on the street. But the THC itself cannot be held responsible for the symptoms described. Rather, some substance must have been inhaled acutely, which triggered these symptoms and has even cost the lives of eight people so far. After some research, it quickly became clear what the trigger could have been: vitamin E acetate, which is required to make the THC oil of the hemp plant water-soluble, i.e. vaporizable. With vitamin E acetate, a higher quality (more strength of the THC) can also be simulated by the resulting higher viscosity. But inhaling fatty oils, like vitamin E acetate, can lead to serious health complications in the lungs, which are severely affected by the fat. However, since these e-liquids were bought on the street and the law prohibits the addition of vitamins in e-liquids containing nicotine, there is no need to worry about normal vaping. In addition, a high viscosity is not a quality feature of such liquids at all – and therefore not desirable. This means that only illegally cut THC oils from the black market are the cause of the diseases and deaths that have occurred.

The fact that the e-cigarette is not to blame for these cases is further illustrated by the fact that they have only occurred in certain parts of the USA. If the e-cigarette itself were responsible for this, then such damage to health would also have to occur in our country – after all, it is now assumed that there are over ten million vapers throughout Europe. The media, which denounces the e-cigarette as guilty, has clearly simplified and radically shortened complex issues. The main cause of these diseases is clearly the consumption of illegally procured and contaminated drugs.

This is also the opinion of the federal government, which sees no need for action in the direction of bans on certain e-liquids in Germany. She bases her arguments on the fact that, in contrast to the USA, we have very strict regulations regarding the ingredients of liquids. Both the liquids and the evaporators and battery mods themselves must undergo strict quality controls before they can be put into circulation. Therefore, according to the government and all parties represented in the Bundestag in Germany, the concerns about severe respiratory diseases are unfounded.

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Is secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes harmful?

Passive smoking is a topic that is discussed again and again in connection with smoking. With the conventional cigarette, tobacco is burned, which is why a smoke is produced that often leads to disgusted looks from those around you. But cigarette smoke not only causes disgust, it is also extremely harmful for everyone involved, especially for children. This raises the question of how this relates to “passive smoke” with e-cigarettes. There is no combustion, but evaporation, as a result of which an aerosol is exhaled.

A study on this problem was published in 2018 (study by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Kaunas University of Technology Lithuania, and the company Fontana Ventures), which deals with the differences in the spatial and temporal distribution between E -Cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke deals. The result of this series of tests was that cigarette smoke remains in the air for a significantly longer period (30 – 45 minutes) and thus causes more damage to people around you. The particles in the e-cigarette vapor, on the other hand, evaporate in such a short time that the ambient air has returned to its original state after just a few seconds.

Another not insignificant point is that a normal cigarette constantly produces smoke as soon as it is lit. However, the vapor from an e-cigarette is only generated by pressing a button or sucking it in, which means that the people involved are not constantly bothered with smoke or vapor. In addition, there is the further advantage that the smell of the vapor is usually not perceived as annoying or smelly, but rather – depending on the liquid aroma – smells very subtle. But regardless of the smell or the disruptive factor, it should be noted that the room air regains the same quality as before when vaping within a few seconds and passive vaping can therefore by no means be equated with passive smoking.

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