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The Battle Of Decisions Vape vs Smoke

The Battle Of Decisions Vape vs Smoke

Is vaping safe or at least less dangerous than smoking? A topic that has been hotly debated in the media and by health experts for years. The German Cancer Research Center published a statement on e-cigarettes in 2014, which states: “So far, there is not enough evidence to make qualified statements about the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid.” Studies have changed.

Protecting aid from Great Britain

In their study, the experts at the British health authority openly recommend e-cigarettes as a tool for quitting smoking. In August 2015, the British government published a study assessing the dangers of e-cigarettes. The study is slowly gaining more and more public attention. The study’s results can clearly be understood as a recommendation for e-cigarettes. Compared to other EU countries, Great Britain is alone in this opinion. In this country, one would even be liable to prosecution with such a statement because of the applicable advertising ban.

Public Health England, an agency of the UK Department of Health, is responsible for publishing health information and doing research on behalf of the public. With an objective look at the available patient data, the researchers made some interesting discoveries. The researchers found that e-cigarettes make quitting easier for long-time smokers. Almost all users of e-cigarettes are smokers or have quit with the help of e-cigarettes. That’s actually only logical. If you have an e-cigarette ready, you are less inclined to smoke a cigarette.

Passive vaping – does it exist?

If e-cigarettes are used as intended, there is no risk of nicotine poisoning. With liquids, it still makes sense to use a child-proof cap. Researchers also looked at how indoor passive vaping affects other occupants and found that passive vaping poses no risk to those around. Nicotine was barely detectable in the vapour and would have had no effect if inhaled. This again proves how senseless the vaping ban is at train stations, where vapers still have to squeeze into the small, yellow-smoking square.

Of course, vaping is not completely harmless either, as the study finds. However, according to current research estimates, vaping is about 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. This means that vaping is not risk-free, but it has fractions of the risks of smoking. The researchers’ general conclusion that e-cigarettes are a great opportunity to improve health for many sections of the population is also interesting.

implementation in Great Britain

In practice, it looks like this. Cigarette sellers in the UK must always raise awareness of the benefits of e-cigarettes and advise customers accordingly. This affects every tobacconist and also every small kiosk that sells cigarettes. Doctors also officially recommend e-cigarettes to quit smoking and support their patients in this process. In Germany, the attitude towards e-cigarettes remains rather sceptical.

For a long time, there were only rumours and stories on the internet that smokers used e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Now there is an official study by a well-known authority that backs up these stories studies. Maybe there will soon be a rethink of vaping?

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