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The 6 Most Asked Questions About Vaping

The 6 Most Asked Questions About Vaping

Are all beginnings difficult? No, because we answer the 7 most frequently asked questions for interested parties and newcomers. Unfortunately, the German media often reports imprecisely or very negatively about e-cigarettes. It is better to get information from forums and blog posts. Here real vapers write about their own experiences and give valuable tips for getting started and the facts about e-cigarettes. From the cost of the e-cigarette, and the ingredients of the liquid, to tips for quitting nicotine, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions in this article.

What is in liquids?

In addition to the respective flavours, all liquids, regardless of the vape supplier, consist of a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and glycerin (VG), as well as flavours and nicotine. There are also variants without nicotine or a very small amount of water. Propylene glycol has the property of binding and transporting flavours and is also used in the food industry due to this special feature. Vegetable glycerin is a food additive used as a fountain solution. The liquid for the e-cigarette is mainly responsible for the vapour cloud production. Both ingredients are created according to the strict pharmacopoeia specifications and checked by the liquid manufacturers for the demanding pharmaceutical purity.

How does the e-cigarette work?

The principle is the same for all e-cigarettes from all manufacturers. For a pictorial idea, the process of vaping should be briefly presented. The e-cigarette consists of a battery carrier with controls and an evaporator, into which the liquid is filled. The evaporator head is installed in the evaporator. The coil contains cotton, which is surrounded by the heating wire. Before heating, the cotton wool must be moistened with liquid. It is advisable to drip the cotton wool directly if it has not soaked up quickly enough.

After switching on the e-cigarette, you enter the desired value. In the beginning, a value of 10-20 watts is sufficient. This heats the heating wire, vaporizing the liquid; this vapour is inhaled through the mouthpiece. Due to the technology used, vaping is a more complex process than smoking a tobacco cigarette; the various components can affect the vaping, the taste or the vapour development. Finding the right setting for you personally depends on how often you vape and what characteristics you value.

Which e-cigarette do you recommend?

The e-cigarette was developed in 2003 by the company “Golden Dragon Holdings” in China. In contrast to the first models, e-cigarettes today are very powerful and offer many possible uses. Starting with devices for sub-ohm vaping, vaping with self-made atomizer heads or vaping at a high level with a multifunctional tool with a touchscreen and music player, the evaluation depends heavily on your demands that are made of the vape. The following properties are important, which the e-cigarette should have:

  • Evaporator leak-proof and easy to fill
  • The evaporator should also have an airflow control
  • The battery should be replaceable, so you are more flexible and can replace the batteries in an emergency.
  • Sufficiently powerful battery carrier. We recommend a battery capacity of 2,500 mAh or more for replaceable batteries so you can vape all day without constantly recharging.

Are e-cigarettes cheaper than tobacco cigarettes?

The question of cost is very important for all beginners. Experienced vapers agree that vaping with e-cigarettes is much cheaper in the long run than smoking tobacco. The acquisition costs for the device range from 20 euros for simple models, and expensive e-cigarettes can cost up to 120 euros. The mod itself has a service life of at least 3 years. Depending on intensive use, a maximum of €10 per month can be expected for wearing parts such as evaporator heads and batteries. Liquids cost an average of 5€ for 10ml. In general, a 10ml liquid should last 3 days. If you calculate these monthly costs, we are at around 60-70€ per month. Smokers who smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day are quickly at €180 (€6 x 30 days) per month at the current price for a pack of cigarettes. That means savings of over €100 per month, so the purchase costs for the steam device are recouped very quickly. You can check out more here.

Do e-cigarettes help with nicotine withdrawal?

Very few people manage to stop smoking the first time, several attempts are needed, and a wide variety of aids are used. The nicotine in tobacco cigarettes acts as an addictive substance on the body and mind simultaneously, making sudden withdrawal particularly difficult for long-time smokers. Many people state that cigarette smoke relaxes them when stressed; the nicotine also aids digestion and provides a temporary high. If regular smoking is stopped, the body reacts violently to the lack of nicotine – dizziness, circulatory problems and sweating.

To make matters worse, the psyche is also affected, and symptoms such as mood swings, nervousness and increased irritability can occur after smoking cessation. Many resorts to substitutes such as nicotine gum and patches to mitigate these side effects. This is an attempt to alleviate physical dependency, but patches and chewing gum cannot replace the smoking break in everyday life. For many, however, this time-out is an important ritual to switch off and relax under stress at work or home. Many smokers then forgo the break and try to endure stressful situations without a cigarette.

This time-out is maintained with the e-cigarette, a great psychological benefit. The liquids allow you to vape as much a day as you want. Since the number of steam trains does not have to be reduced here, the vaper can independently determine the nicotine content of the liquid used and thus continuously reduce the amount of nicotine supplied. A study in New Zealand in 2013 asked participants to quit nicotine using e-cigarettes, a patch or chewing gum. Around 7% could do without nicotine completely with the help of e-cigarettes at the end of the study. In addition, all test subjects with e-cigarettes were able to reduce their nicotine consumption by up to 57%.

Are e-cigarettes less harmful than tobacco cigarettes?

As already described above, the liquids vaporized under the influence of heat consist of food additives, flavours and nicotine. The long-term consequences of vaporizing these substances have not yet been adequately researched. It has been proven, however, that tobacco cigarettes contain carcinogenic substances, i.e. carcinogenic substances. Tar, nitrosamines and benzene are just a few harmful substances used in cigarettes.

It is important to know that the combustion process in tobacco smoking is mainly responsible for the harmful effect on health. The carcinogenic effect of evaporating liquids has not yet been proven. Current knowledge shows that vaping with e-cigarettes poses a lower risk than conventional cigarettes.

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