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Slim Despite Smoking with E-cigarette

Slim Despite Smoking with E-cigarette

There are many reasons to quit smoking, but some smokers are also concerned about the potential side effects of quitting. After the last cigarette, a suitable substitute is often quickly sought and found in high-calorie sweets. It’s no wonder many ex-smokers then have a bulking phase, whose pounds are difficult to get off later. Today we would like to analyze the phenomenon of weight gain when quitting smoking in more detail and show you various ways in which you can continue to maintain the beach body.

#Charging day: Losing weight is different

Smoking is a ritual that, from a psychological point of view, can have consequences when quitting or holding a cigarette. To put it simply, having something to do, is often difficult for our brain to give up at first. That’s why it’s not uncommon for ex-smokers to nibble on real substitute drugs like sweets. It should be clear to everyone what that means in calories for a 15-20 cigarette cut per day converted into gummy bears, chocolate or chips. In the past, a man without a stomach was like a house without a balcony. Still, nowadays, when people are increasingly paying attention to healthy eating and a vital lifestyle, there have long been other ideals of beauty, as well as the realization that being overweight neither expresses wealth nor brings any advantages. If you still don’t want to do without sweets and are looking for an efficient smoker’s substitute, the e-cigarette can be the ideal switch.

Worry-free candy

In many respects, a starter set of a pod kit acts as a good replacement for the far more harmful fags; apart from the significantly lower risk, we would like to focus on the variety of tastes and the ritual itself in this article. Two birds can be killed with one stone when it comes to vaping; for one, the ritual of holding the device and even inhaling vapour is very similar. On the other hand, today’s unbelievable variety of liquids offers limitless opportunities to try any sweets, lemonades, fruit cocktails and pastries without any calories. With numerous aromas combined with the base, you can produce delicious eJuice according to your recipe. It is up to the vaper to decide whether to add nicotine to an individual concentration or not.

Nicotine against hunger

The substance nicotine, in particular, plays a role in the weight issue when quitting smoking that should not be underestimated. When switching to vaping, a tobacco consumer usually chooses liquids with nicotine, reducing strength over time. Nicotine is known to curb appetite, so the risk of weight gain when switching to e-cigarettes is very low. Furthermore, after a few days, the body will already notice various positive aspects, so you will suddenly be able to breathe better since electronic vapour does not contain tar and many other toxic substances. Without a doubt, you will gain fitness, and you will certainly feel more like doing a little sport again, so switching to the e-cigarette can help you maintain your ideal weight and may even cause you to lose weight.

So, to sum up, not only does vaping pose fewer risks than tobacco smoking, but it can also reduce the fear of gaining weight after quitting. Usually, when you stop smoking, you are your worst enemy; it can only work sustainably with a firm will.

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