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Seven Misunderstandings of Vaping

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Despite many myths, vaping is becoming more and more popular in the world. It seems that as more vaping misconceptions are exposed, the media and public are trying to perpetuate them.

So let’s take a look at the top 7 vaping misconceptions and debunk them.

Nobody knows what’s in e-liquid

yes we know It’s so simple, unlike traditional cigarette. These contain over 4000 chemicals that are completely unknown. E-Liquid contains four ingredients (three if nicotine-free). Two diluents, flavor and nicotine.

Each e-liquid consists of these three or four components. It’s easy to find what’s in e-liquid. Any reputable vaping company should be very upfront about what goes into their e-juice.

E-cigarettes explode in pockets

What if I told you that almost all of these “exploding vape” horror stories are caused by user error? Although it sounds harsh, it’s the truth.

Batteries can’t explode in your pocket without a reason. They are either stored loosely in contact with metal objects such as keys. The case has been damaged due to poor maintenance. Or has reached its limit given a number of factors.

The same applies to the breakdowns of the charger. They are usually damaged by exposed cords or the wrong type of charger.

An e-cigarette is an electrical device. To be treated with care, kept clean and in good condition.

Non-smokers become vapers

Vaping was introduced as an alternative to traditional tobacco use. You will have trouble marketing e-cigarettes to non-smokers. If a company tries, chances are it’s not a perfectly legitimate business.

Action on smoking and health has completed a study showing that the number of people who have never smoked and are now vaping is 0.1%.

Think of the children

If you’re always looking for a reason to ban vaping. Will people believe that e-cigarettes are aimed at children?

This vaping misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. In Germany there is a law that states that you must be over 18 to buy an e-cigarette or e-liquid. Any reputable retailer will comply. And check anyone who is considered a minor for their age.

E-liquids are usually used in a targeted manner. As the flavors are sometimes modeled on sweets or have a light-colored packaging. But surely the same is true for certain brands of alcohol?

E-cigarettes and their accessories are age-restricted products, with reputable retailers adhering to this policy.

Vapers get a popcorn lung

One of the most talked about vaping misconceptions is the diacetyl debate. This has captured people’s minds in recent years.

The Disease Control and Prevention Facility conducted a study entitled: Flavors – Related Lung Diseases. This affected factory workers from a popcorn factory in Jasper, Missouri.

It has been found that some of the workers involved in popcorn butter flavoring develop an irreversible lung disease called obliterative bronchiolitis. This is attempted through long-term exposure to diacetyl, an ingredient that makes the butter flavor taste “buttery.”


Diacetyl can also be used as an ingredient in certain e-liquid flavors. It gives them a creamy flavor, so it’s reserved in certain pudding and dessert flavors.

While it is well known that inhaling diacetyl is not a good idea, some companies continue to use this flavor in their e-liquids.

You must be exposed to a large amount of diacetyl to suffer adverse effects. Therefore, sub-ohm vapers who vape large amounts of e-juice on a daily basis are at a higher risk.

When it became common knowledge that diacetyl was used in some flavors. Anti-vapers jumped on this information, demonizing all e-liquids with it. In reality, only a small portion of e-liquid actually contains diacetyl.

Again, reputable providers are key. Test results of our e-liquids are published on CAK website. Any provider should be able to produce these results on demand.

E-Liquid is about choice. If you choose an e-liquid with diacetyl, it’s up to you. However, you must first be aware of whether this chemical is present in the flavor. The risk is minimal, but it’s there. But not to the extent that the media would have you believe.

Vaping is just as dangerous as smoking

Public Health England states that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Passive vaping

Another vaping misconception. Several passive vaping studies have been completed. A study conducted last year by a Spanish science council showed that normal exhaled breath contained more volatile compounds than exhaled vapour.

That being said, be a conscientious vaper. Nobody likes clouds blown in their face.

What other vaping misconceptions have you come across?

Let us know in the comments.

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