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Self-Defense Manual for Vapers

Self-Defense Manual for Vapers

Electronic cigarettes are dangerous. In this reflection, all vapers are confronted with it one day or another. It is challenging to avoid, whether on the street, at a family reunion, or at work. While some know exactly what to answer, others are more helpless. The arguments are sometimes lacking, even when we are convinced of the benefits of vaping compared to tobacco. We propose 4 techniques to get you out of these sometimes delicate situations.

The scientist’s Technique

You are at a dinner party with friends. You are having a good evening when suddenly the subject of the e-cigarette is put on the table. Your host would like to quit smoking, but he is not reassured. He read some things and vaguely remembers a study. Logically all eyes are on you. You will have to convince quickly and well because you would like to move on to dessert. Your secret weapon? A concrete study shows that the ecig is about 95% less harmful than tobacco. The organization that published it, Public Health England, inspires confidence since it is nothing less than an organ of the British Ministry of Health. In addition, it is easily found on the internet. So all you have to do is invite your friends to search for it on their smartphone, and you’re done. You can now enjoy your piece of cake.

Highway Technology

It is time for a break. You and your office colleagues are going to get some fresh air. As they all take out their pack of “killers,” you grab your brand new kit received the day before. Your manager approaches you, looking worried. He asks you if you are well aware of the risks you take while vaping. To support his remarks, he quotes a report seen a few weeks ago on television news. You are bothered to answer him and don’t want to get into a debate that could jeopardize your argument. You then remember a sentence pronounced by Professor Dautzenberg: “Smoking is a bit like taking the highway in the wrong direction. Vaping means driving at 140 km/h instead of 130 km/h”. This comparison has the advantage of being very meaningful and effective. In addition, the person behind it is a pulmonologist and has always been very committed to the fight against smoking.

In conclusion, you can talk to your manager about the appeal of the 120 doctors in favor of the electronic cigarette. That should be enough to reassure him and finally change the subject. How about salary?

The Counterattack Technique

Sitting on the bench of a bus stop, you wait patiently. It’s raining, and you’re not in the mood. You chain the big “clouds” to calm your nerves. At your side is a lady, cigarette in hand. You hadn’t seen it coming, and politely, you reduce the power of your pod kit to avoid bothering it with your cumulonimbus. No doubt, to quell boredom, she strikes up a conversation. She asks you if you are not afraid to inhale a product that no one knows what it contains. You answer him nicely that you know very well the different components of an e-liquid: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, food flavorings, and nicotine. And everything are regulated under the TPD vape. She does not seem convinced and questions the harmless nature of these different ingredients. You do not feel like going any further in the explanations and then opt for a decisive counterattack. In a calm tone, you simply tell her that there is one thing about which there is no uncertainty: when you smoke, you have a one in two chance of dying. Usually, this ends the conversation. That’s good, your bus is coming.

The Technique of Fire

Your phone rings. It’s your best friend. He has just seen on Facebook the photo of the bloody hands of a vaper after the explosion of his electronic cigarette. Shocked, he asks you not to take any more risks and to stop the e-cig for good. You then try to make him understand that this kind of accident remains marginal and that you take all the precautions to prevent it from happening to you. In fact, the vape kits are nearly impossible to explode today as long as they are produced by reputable vape manufacturer. He still doubts. So you continue by explaining to him that electronic cigarettes contain lithium batteries which can present danger but that this is also the case for many other electrical devices: smartphones, laptops, touch tablets… Just take the example of the Samsung company, which stopped production of its Galaxy Note 7 following more than 90 cases of explosions. By comparison, only 25 cases have been identified among American vapers, who are, however, more than 2.5 million. If he still does not believe you, you can remind him that conventional cigarettes cause around 30% of fatal fires yearly. It’s good, is he reassured? Good, you can start planning your next party.

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